Woman of the Bible

I love reading books. This is what my friends know. 2 years ago, when I was baptized, my brothers and sisters in Christ gave me a great book about all women of the Bible. There are 52 mentioned, so its a good thing to read one story of a woman each week so you should be done in 1 year… well, that was the plan, today it´s almost 2,5 years ago and I´m still reading and studying this book. To be honest, during this time I was into so many other things, crafting, reading, and so much more… but today I want to share with you one story of a woman who really fascinated me – and for sure I will add more during my studies here on this Blog.

If you want to purchase this book yourself here is the link that directs you to the amazon.com.uk shop.

So I mentioned before, that there are 52 women written about, all of them mentioned in the Bible. Today I want to start and tell you about Rahel, beautiful Rahel sister of Leah, second daughter Laban´s and her life being ruled and manipulated by him, she didn´t had any control of her own life, being in a passive modus of herself. With the sin that happened to her, she answered with sinning in respond – measuring herself with her sister and betraying her father.

When you start reading Rahels story in the Bible you may see the dilemma. Starting in Genesis 29:15 when Jacob started working for Rahels father Laban, and Laban asked his nephew Jacob what he wants in return for his work. Jacob asked his uncle to marry his daughter Rahel, because he fell in love with her, and in return he would work for his uncle Laban for 7 years. Laban agreed to his wish, marrying his daughter Rahel. Laban had a first daughter named Leah – and here we go. After Jacob worked for 7 years he asked for the marriage and Laban invited everyone for the wedding. Genesis 29:23 says, that Laban didn’t put Rahel, but Leah to marry Jacob and he (Jacob) didn’t realized it until the next morning after they were already married. Sure Jacob was really mad at his father-in-law I mean, he worked for him for 7 years and they agreed that Jacob could marry his love Rahel, but now Laban betrayed him and gave him Leah. What should Jacob have done? And now Laban was tricky, he told Jacob to work for another 7 years, so he could marry his second daughter Rahel.

The book “Women of the Bible” is a good book to study women of the holy bible, you can read the story, and the authors give you questions to ask yourself, to answer while studying and to get you deeper in the story and time of this happening itself. For example

  • Read Genesis 30:1     The tragedy in the voice of Rahel happened to so many women afterwards. Why was the close relationship to Leah the cause to make things even worst? Shouldn’t this help to decrease the pain instead?
  • Read Genesis 35:16-20   While they were still on their way, Rahel gave birth to her only son, try to imagine her circumstances and her physical and psychics pain she was going through.
Photograph by James C. Lewis

In the end Rahel was the mother of Benjamin, who should first be called Ben-Oni (son of my grief) because of the painful birth she had and in the end died of, but his father Jacob named him Benjamin (son of the right hand, son of the south). And why Benjamin is the one directing for something else, something important in the Bible and our life today  is another very interesting book I refer to, it´s “The Benjamin Generation” from Joseph Prince, really very interesting point of view and he is connecting the Old Testament with the Scripture, it is so wonderful to see this light while reading, understanding, discovering even new points that you haven’t seen there before. I recommend this book from Joseph Prince, it is not that heavy or too much to read, it is more informative, supportive in studying the Word of God.

Thank you for reading! Be blessed!