Busy week

I was wondering about my new life as a blogger what to write about and how often I should write and so on. My last post was about my spring cleaning, and yes I did start on Monday 20, as I wrote it and it is pretty challenging still. I did this organizing chore and got 3 boxes of kids clothes and 1 of mine (and some shoes). I will donate those this upcoming week and will continue with my 2 bathrooms and after these I will check my living-/dining room… so it is still on going, I will upload process pictures on the original Spring Clean Post.

So this week starts fresh on a Monday where I de-cluttered the closets, meetings, appointments and Stress was moving in, my head was filled because of the calendar full of appointment, meeting and schedule itself. Many thoughts came too, while I was sitting in this café with my daughter and the other moms, I tried to connect to the topics they were talking about, while I was breastfeeding my little one. Thoughts about „enough breastfeeding?“,“time to stop it completely?“,“do I want to stop, or is it the world who wants me to stop?“…. you see these 3 questions just going around me and others… where is God? Embarrasst I was after realizing this! „Me, me, me…“ and this particular song is inside my head Breathe Jonny Diaz I was listening to on the other day via my iPhone app K-LOVE.

So reminder to myself – before starting to think about things I really can’t answer myself, I should start asking the one who knows best – God! This I did, and now I’m doing pretty fine and so does my little one, because we started smoothly with less breastfeeding but not completely ending our precious cuddling time together! Thank you Lord – Your way is always the best!!

We spend the day at a small zoo, where the kids could pet the sheep, donkey and cows. This was such a happy afternoon, the kids were happy – and this made me happy as well.

Tuesday I had to pick up a family at the airport, 1 week vacation, I’m happy for them, they needed it as a small family and hard working parents they needed a break and some rest at a nice beach and hotel. Immediately my heart (?) and/or soul is longs for something similar herself, just taking the kids, some bags and 1 week off(line)….

Again, me, me, me…. where is God? I need to focuse on my point of view! 

On Tuesday night it was the first time I had someone babysit my kids. It was my dear sister in Christ, who is a mother of 3 herself, and so lovely she offered to watch my 2 while I should meet the other women in church. It was women meeting with hill song and encouraging talking with my lovely sisters. It was blessed, I was breathing in the blessings and holding my breath so I could keep it inside. These couple of hours helped me to settle again, gave my restless soul peace and directed my heart to lift up view to my Heavenly Father. Recharged and full of Gods promises I returned back home realizing that time with God is not connected to free time realized through my dear sister, I can and will put God in my daily rountine first place! Things I need to start doing will include limiting time and use of time-consuming devices and services that keep me from God, from praying and from my family, one of this device and service is my main and biggest issue – my smartphone… I guess I will start a new post about this journey, but months ago I already started thinking about how to limit the time I’m spending scrolling down instagram, Pinterest, twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp and the list continues… too many hours lost watching this screen, time that cannot be returned…

Wednesday was schedule for the first half, kids group first with crafting and playing, after this we went to the drummers class for my son and finally a day out, walking in the forest, breathing in the fresh air, listening to the sound of nature, birds, trees, wind… calming down the soul, letting your mind restart, and you simply feel Gods presence in everything he creates.

Thursday started without any stress, I put my son on holiday mood, because we would be cancelling all our schedule plans and simply drive to see my sister. They are living more rual, again less stress, less cars, less noise – lovely!! And indeed it was a good day, the kids were happy so was I.

Friday schedule stayed the same, while something was coming up. Since then we stayed at home, as we caught stomach ache and just unwell feeling… but that’s also something good, as I got some time to rethink and organize my thoughts about my life, my family, my blog and my future – with God! Always remember God first! 

Thank you for reading my thoughts. Be blessed dear brothers and sisters in Christ! Shalom!