Godly Woman – Who’s she?

Reading the bible, on a daily basis, whether you just read one chapter, or you are reading on a plan at one point I was wondering „how does a godly woman look like?“. Not only her outer appearance, also her behaviour. Inside my heart I knew she should not hide inside the house or have no voice at all, I mean, there might be people showing biblical quotes that seem to state „this is the godly woman“. I did my research and found the Proverbs 31 woman and some other characteristic aspects I want to share with you today.

Why I started this personal journey? It’s not something I planned years ago, or as a life plan of myself. To tell you my personal circumstances, sure I was born into a christian family with christian tradition and since childhood my parents told me parts from the bible until I was able to read and teach myself. As a teenager I was sure I called myself a christian pre-adult, avoiding alcohol, drugs and men. While last point was more the fact there was no way of having a relationship, as God was still teaching me to be patient. At some point the flesh was at its rebellion stage and I had a late puberty at the age of 19 or 20 something. It included everything, disrespecting my parents, not listening to good advice, especially not advice from my younger siblings, testing and consuming alcohol, clubbing the weekends and of course men. The evil start telling lies and made me believe, that as an equal human on earth, why shouldn’t women be allowed to act and try men before marriage as it is sort of normal for male nowadays. When I was 25 I met my first fiancé, telling myself that I don’t need to marry him before starting a family, as it seemed that we both want the same. I didn’t listen God’s advice (and my families) as I thought my way is the best, at least for myself. So things happened as I ran ahead not waiting and listening to God’s Holy Spirit ended alone as a single parent. In the end it was my choice as I did not want to sink on this huge ship of sin and addiction.
At the age of 28 I decided to start a new life with my son, a fresh start and just live life. We moved down under – Sydney – I love this city! When I went this path, I promised God, and myself to trust in the Lord, no matter what. So Jesus was in my heart and I was relying on his love and I told myself to trust on his way this time!
I received so many blessings and was overwhelmed when I met my second fiancé, through my cousin one day. I can’t remember what exactly went through my mind, as I started this journey with my son I told myself to establish  a solid base first before meeting anyone.
Well things changed, as the flesh (again) pulled the gear to satisfy it’s desire. Love grew, feelings pushed the hormones and the positive thoughts to handle it all – by ourself.
In the end, as I asked God in the first place, I was called back to my believing roots and I listened to God’s Holy Spirit, to end this seemingly beautiful relationship, as it was not what God has planned for me. When there is Light, Darkness has to flee.

„The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness hasn’t overcome it.“ John 1:5

Jesus is my light, he shines inside my heart and shines through darkness, I don’t want to say that my partner was „darkness“ himself, but he lied about promises, that seem meaningless for him (maybe), but are essential and important to me.
As a christian I put God first always, I put God before myself, before any prospective partner, or husband. The time I realise that this fact should change, not recognizable for the world but for me inwardly, I focused on the voice coming from a loving God, not an enraged God but an understanding, patiently waiting heavenly father that he is, waiting for me to return back to his way, full of light. So I took his hand, refused to listen to fear, grabbing my back, I hold his hand tight and stayed in his Love. Since that time I continued studying and praying to my God and received so much blessings even as a single mother.

„Listen, my dear brothers and sisters: Has not God chosen those who are poor in the eyes of the world to be rich in faith and to inherit the kingdom he promised those who love him?“ Jacob 2:5

In 2016 I started growing my desire to know more about God, to know more about Jesus and to know more about the Holy Spirit – and most of all, to listen more what God has to say. By mentioning this, it’s not only meaning to hear a voice, sometimes it is a feeling, a feeling to open the bible and immediately read what you need, sometimes it is something your brother or sister in Christ is telling you, not knowing that this was meant for you from God himself. The desire and wish inside my heart to re-read some bible verses and finding out if it’s right for me to wear a headcover arise. See my blogpost on Headcovering for the whole story. 

Back to the topic „Godly Woman“, who is she? How would she look like today? Would she wear clothes like back then? Is it necessary what to wear? What kind of fabric, or even color? There are some quotes in the holy bible, telling that the Godly Woman was wearing fine linen and purple. 

„She makes her own quilts; she is clothed in fine linen and purple. נ“

‭‭Mishlei (Pro)‬ ‭31:22‬ ‭CJB‬‬

First it sounds oldschool, like who’s quilting, or wearing linen? But then I started to ask for a different point of view, it doesn’t have to be out of fashion, linen is a good fabric, keeping you cool on hot summers and it doesn’t mean you are just wearing this sand-caramel color (while this is a nice color I think). And crafting – knitting, crocheting, sewing and quilting are more and more common. I started knitting in 2012, then I switched to crocheting, as I preferred it, then in 2014 I started trying out sewing, this is nice too, while I’m still doing the small projects like beanie hats for kids; so next challenge might be quilting? (Besides all my other challenges new languages, journaling and of course blogging) okay, but it’s not stated that you need to be able to do these things, I think it’s mainly focused on the things I should be able to do. These crafty things are essential for me, for me as a woman, for me as a mother and for me as a wife. Nowadays we don’t need it to survive a winter, but honestly it’s something different to snuggle in a handmade crochet blanket or to take a bought one (nothing bad about them too though). 

When I browse the internet and of course my favorite Pinterest, I found some points about the Godly Woman, she is

  • Generous (2. Cor. 9:11)
  • Wise (Prov. 31:26)
  • Light hearted (Prov. 17:22)
  • Reputable (Prov. 31:23)
  • Godly beauty (Prov. 31:30)
  • Trustworthy (Prov. 31:11)
  • Humble (Isa. 66:2)
  • Depend on God (Mat. 4:4)
  • Modest (Prov. 7:10)
  • Patient (Rom. 12:12)
  • Confident (Phil. 3:3)
  • Speak truth (Eph. 4:15)

As you can see, the most quotes are from Proverbs 31, so I started reading this again. Starting at Proverbs 31:10 the godly woman is far more worthy than jewels, and her husband will depend on her, he will never be poor. She never causes her husband trouble, she enjoys making things with her hands (craft, cooking, household), she wakes up early and prepares everything for the family, she is strong and able to do all her work. She works until late to make sure her business earns a profit. She is a strong person and people respect her, she looks to the future with confidence. She speaks with wisdom and teaches to be loving and kind. She is never lazy, her children say good things about her, her husband brags about her.
Well so far, honestly I can’t see me in this picture for now – but you know what? I’m working on it! Several points are on the list, that I’m working on now, and I know together with God I can achieve everything! I don’t do it because of me, or for myself – I want it, because I want to draw myself closer to God. It will not happen overnight, but with the time, step by step I will achieve to reach the godly woman as it is described in Proverbs 31.

Thank you for reading my thoughts and my story. Be blessed dear brothers and sisters!