It is really interesting to watch the world outside. What is happening right now? Politicians are talking to each other, fighting with words and then? Still innocent humen, children getting hurt, murdered and then? All these shocking videos and pictures are breaking my heart but a great fear is knocking inside my head, leading the question in mind “what if this feeling starts to fade?” Not mine but I mean from people around the world, those who don’t have these problems, who don’t fear to lose their life’s or their children’s life? Recently I scroll down on Facebook repeatedly reading about abandoned animals and how they were treated… yes it is also cruel, and I’m not in the position to state they are not worth to be mentioned, but it’s shocking that the scale of these scenarios are equal or because animals seem to have a different position in our life they are closer to us than children in a far away country? Horrible! 

Chan Schaichun – innocent children!

I know physically I can’t do much, but mentally I will do as much as possible! I am praying for the people who suffer being in country’s where they have no rights, where they are punished for having their Christian faith, for being murdered because they can’t defense them self and live in this particular spot on earth. And I’m asking you to pray, no matter what believe you have, but only because of humanity! It’s not much I’m asking you for, it’s not money or any other material donation – it’s just prayer for those in need!

Thank you! God bless you ❤


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Sarah C

I'm a mother, Jesus follower, loves crocheting, enjoys nature, likes to travel and finally on this new path of blogging

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