God is guiding

I hope you all had a blessed Easter Holiday with your family and friends.
These past few days I had some time to think and plan my life, my future and my present, in daily talk with my heavenly father I’m more confident and I can just give Jesus my worries and sorrow. Different aspects from job directions, different opportunities about living arrangements and some other small life challenges.

This was the first part I started to write 3 days ago. This time I was really challenging myself about writing something that is actually working inside me. It is important for me to have plans, as it is for many of us, maybe all of us. There might be some really living just today, not worrying at all. 

I can’t – well not yet. I’m on my way with God’s guidance to have more and more faith, letting go of control of everything I have, everything I am and especially everything I want. This is the most important part the things or situations I want. And I remember one quote „less me, more you Jesus!“

Back to my past few days, what happened? Daily schedule again, the days rushes by to fast, Easter just hopped away and well here we are Friday, nearly midnight and finally I’m writing this new blogpost using my iPhone to type in everything coming to my mind. I changed thinking, when I started this blog last month, I tried to tell myself that it’s a blog for sharing Gods love, Gods word and the Grace I received and that I want to share. But quickly it changed to stress, how to use social media for more traffic and then using this blog for making some money besides… sure this one is still on hand, but I learned something really important for me now, my heart knows that it can’t and shouldn’t run behind the money, biblical it’s already written down, we need to work for a living, but as I said in the beginning of my blog I want to write because I want to share my life with God with you guys, I should focus on that. Nothing else! And this is what I am doing now.

I started to fast before Easter and kept it until Good Friday, I prayed then I prepared the last supper and thanked God for giving me Jesus, I thanked Jesus for taking my sin to become a daughter of the highest. The next days were blessed (as is every day in my life with Jesus) I spent a lot time outside with the family, laughter and happiness, feeling the love Jesus gave us… when I glanced into the sky, catching some beautiful pictures, the different sunlight shapes and the whole miracle God creates for me – for us every day. This actual view keeps me in a mood, it’s similar to a spiritual trance, it calms my soul and touches my heart, same but at the same hand different as walking and breathing in the fresh air while walking in a nearby forest.

Have you ever tried to search God in everything you do and are? I started it, not everything for once, this is causing headache because we are not used to it, but I mean start somewhere you feel comfortable with. Back in my past I used to fall into deep thoughts about my life, what I’ve done, which steps I took, which ways I went etc. and I started to fall into a small kind of depression and put myself into dreams of how things could have been if I would have done things differently… this took some months until I grabbed Jesus Hand and listened to the Holy Spirit. Because falling into these dreams just keeps you away from the present love God is offering you right now. Everything I went through, everyone I’ve ever met, every talk I ever talked or listened to, was an important step for me towards my Heavenly Father… everything you had and have in life, all situations you are going through are not useless, always remember that you are never alone. 

I learned, that because of my free will I walked paths and streets that caused me numberless pain, but I know for sure, that there was not one minute that my Heavenly Father was away from me, he never left me alone, whether in Germany, the USA or Australia. And he will stay forever as his word is the truth.

Everyday I receive and realize more about this truth, Jesus came and died for me, how precious are we, that he had done this? Why are we so important to God? I can only answer for myself and this answer is to follow Jesus, to grab his hand and confess „Jesus you are the truth and the way to our Heavenly Father! No one comes to the father except trough you!! (John 14:6) 

He is waiting for you to grab his hand too ❤️

My journey hasn’t finish yet, I’m still in the middle or even at the beginning but I will continue writing and telling you what is happening in my life with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit! It is special every day!!

Blessings to all of you my dear brothers and sisters all over the world!