Reaching out to people

My dear readers, it’s been a while now and I have to admit that it was a wonderful time without internet, without my smartphone and just spending my time with my heavenly father and my wonderful kids. I enjoyed the time recharging and finding myself through God and feeling centered.

What have I done? I took some weeks off, spend my time at the bavarian forest and got back to my roots, as I planned to take my time off of my smartphone and bad habits to look at the screen every 5 minutes, and while I was on the last train to my destination my iPhone broke completely… suddenly I was without phone and without internet – but apart of being lost – I felt free. Completely free.
Sure I wasn’t able to take photos and memories to show the world online on social media, but this was part of my order.

I had the chance to talk to different kind of people, christian, believers and new to God, Jesus and Holy Spirit people. It was such a blessed time and I hope I can have a second trip like this.
My kids enjoyed it, beside of one week off because of influenca.

What have I recieved? Beside many talks with other parents I used my time talking to my heavenly father, start to question some of my life choices, what I can change, what I should change in thinking first and I was led to my eating behavior.
While reading and watching some books about our evolution of food and drinks I start thinking about my behavior… well it led me to the conclusion, that while I try to eat less meat, I will try to reduce it even more. Once a week or once every two weeks and I want to completely avoid buying meat from discounter. Years ago I really smiled about some discussions about living and eating vegan, sure I tried to live as a vegeterian years ago but found it too difficult for myself… while now, I’m a mother, living with my kids I want to try to start something new. I won’t put myself or my family to say we are living vegan, as I say before I think meat is important and given by our heavenly father. My thinking is – knowing and respecting what God gifted us and being more grateful and thankful for our food, especially meat as it was a living creature (no matter if Cow, Pork, Sheep, Lamb, Goat or Camel) I want to get far away from industrial meat producers who pump antibiotics and other stuff into their animals to let them grow fast no matter what.

This is my fresh start on this topic food, healthy living, healthy food that’s also biblical based. I’m also starting to look for a healthy, smart and God lead way to use milk, milk products like cheese, butter, yoghurt, cream etc.

So this will be one of my major projects in my daily life and of course I will keep you up to date with some biblical resources and quotes.

Thank you for reading and taking your time… Be richly blessed!


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Sarah C

I'm a mother, Jesus follower, loves crocheting, enjoys nature, likes to travel and finally on this new path of blogging

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