Trusting the Lord

I started yesterday night, writing on my new BlackBerry Classic, to get used to the great keyboard and the shortkeys.. when I accidentally pressed the cancel button and the whole text disappeared.

So I bought this blackberry because I broke my iphone and I wanted to get away from the addiction “Smartphone” with all apps that seem important and the image that I need messengers to stay in contact with my friends.. this is still a project.. as I’m a blackberry user for 2 weeks now.

I really enjoyed my time off lately and am more and more working on getting more away every day. Right now I’m only using 4 apps frequently including this one to write post on wordpress..
Lately I tried to organized more in every space of my life and living.. every day I’m de-cluttering some stuff that’s not in use for some time and that’s not being used in the next 3-6 months..
Being actively in contact and communication to my heavenly Father and being still and listening to his voice, being patient and calm going step by step further in life.. this year is a year for me and my family with some small and bigger changes, and in everything it is the Lords hand guiding, helping, directing where and how to go. Years ago, when I had to arrange and talk to the same or similar people I was nervous and stressed out, likely to be explosive in arguments because of my old me. Back then I didn’t had the filling love, the never ending grace you can only receive from our heavenly Father, he is the one who is calming the storm, who is in control of my life. It is Jesus who is walking every step with me, so I’m never alone. And I thank Jesus for his patience with me..

I started to read about Josiah, a boy with autism, it is really worth a read! It is a true story, told by his mother.. the book is called “Josiah’s fire” I will keep you informed about what I got and what God will add up to this journey.

And I will start a new baby blanket project soon.. I’m not sure yet about the pattern and about the colors.. but I know it will be great with God’s guidance!

Yesterday Amazon Prime showed “Letter to God” and it really brought me to tears, because it’s a true story and some scenes are really heart touching, but really worth a watch!

I started to think about my food and drink behavior, about the use of milk and milk products and meat.
Media is telling us that milk is super important and healthy, but is it? Some medics are publishing new studies about milk and what it does to human bodies, because cow milk is supposed to feed cow baby’s, not human. So while I was thinking about this argument, I was realizing, that it’s just simple to admit, while my baby can drink mothermilk, it’s just sure because I’m his mother so God made me feed my baby with mothermilk, same with animals, cows got milk when they have a baby, goats have milk when they have a baby, dogs and cats have milk, when they have their puppies.. but why is it in our heads to drink as much milk as possible? While studies admit that milk is even supporting bone sickness and other body problems for humans?
I started to try a new way, always God lead and not going the extreme, I tried Soy Milk and Almond Milk.. I have to admit, I’m drinking it with coffee and my Chai and it’s delicious!! As long as it’s healthy that’s a good one! I’m not saying, I’m completely away from milk and it’s other products, but I’m reducing it and using others instead.

I will keep you informed about all my new steps, ways and my life with God!
Thank you for taking your time reading my blog! Be richly blessed! Shalom!


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Sarah C

I'm a mother, Jesus follower, loves crocheting, enjoys nature, likes to travel and finally on this new path of blogging

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