I had a wonderfully blessed day, with several talks and inspirational arguments from others, while some behavior and words lead me to my today’s topic.
It won’t be a blog entry about some big worldwide issue, but maybe it is and we don’t realize?

I had this appointment for parents with school kids, where they handed out all the information needed for new parents to school kids. This appointment was for parents only, as it was at evening time, near bedtime for younger kids.
I was sitting in their big hall, ready to write notes if needed but mainly sitting and waiting in row 3 for the head teacher and others to start the presentation while more parents entered the main hall.. they started on time, and after some minutes some late parents came and sat down.
One mother was recognized by many – let’s say all, because she came with her 3 young kids..
And it is just clear, that it couldn’t stay quiet the whole time (about 1 hour).. but while the kids had their moments and have been louder from time to time, I felt like the other parents weren’t actual parents but pet owner.. I’m not saying this in a negative way against pet owners, but I mean, some of them surely felt disturbed, angry or whatever, but the main crowed surely thought
– why did she bring her kids?
– can’t she handle them?
– couldn’t they stay at home or at a neighbors or babysitter?

Sure, it’s only understandable that all the parents have their right to listen to all of these important information (they will receive in copy by mail the next few weeks) but this mother too. I don’t know if, but what about questions like =
– maybe she is a single parent
– maybe she moved here shortly and doesn’t have a babysitter
– maybe she wanted to be a good mother being at this information evening – even she had to bring her kids?!

After this information and presentation, all the parents rushed to the doors to see and investigate the list, to find out, in which class their child will be.. the mother and her 3 kids left the main hall at last and no one actually tried or seemed to talk to her, while I was standing at the back of the doors, to wait and see the other hyperactive parents check the list, taking photographs of the list to double check it at home. That’s alright, I took a picture myself, after most of the parents left.
I took the time and started talking to this mother of 3.
She just moved here recently, is a single mother with 3 young children, she is working full time and handling everything walking.. sure she could have brought her kids some place where someone could watch them but not at this time, it would have been too far and she needed to pick them up and walk back home after all. So she decided to bring the kids instead of missing it at all.
She has my respect! And this led me to my topic “humanity”, where is it? Honestly, when we left the school she even said “goodbye” to a small group of parents standing there, and they didn’t even blink.. I was really sad. I’m thankful for my father in heaven, that he showed my heart that this women didn’t bring her kids to interrupt the whole meeting, she had to! What else should she had done? Not come at all? Let the meeting be something for either just married parents, or ones in partnerships, or rich ones, or ones with grandparents and so on? It’s not always easy or as we plan and wish our life should be.. I know myself.
But today I realized how many people don’t even know, how precious and essential the smallest things can be in life!
I thank God for so many things and so many people in my life, I thank God for giving me sight through his Holy Spirit and I thank him so much for his son Jesus Christ my Love!

Jesus is the one who had shown me to look through his eyes to God’s children, and to share his Love with them. I love him so much for letting me realize what he see’s in us.

Earlier today, when I picked up my son from childcare the principle acted strange and just a few minutes later she said something to me, that left me thinking. But I responded with Jesus love and surely this conversation is not finished yet, as she told me and my son that because I picked him up, he should play and run around any longer, this would interfere with the Psychologie and their whole system.. I responded with understanding and love, and comforted her by taking my children as quick as possible to not interfere and keeping this clear and strict border between childcare-time and pickup time..

I know that God’s plan for everything and every person in my life is better than my own, or anyone else’s! And I’m patiently waiting for every page to be shown by His time…

Thank you for your precious time reading my story!
I’m praying for you to be blessed by the highest! Shalom 🙂


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Sarah C

I'm a mother, Jesus follower, loves crocheting, enjoys nature, likes to travel and finally on this new path of blogging

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