It’s a cold friday

It’s freezing outside, everything is sleeping under an icy blanket of frost.
And I start thinking on how to cloth myself to go outside, walking the dog and enjoying some nice walks through parks and the forest.

First of all I need a big, cozy and of course warm scarf to keep my throat and neck away from the icy wind. Then I put on some selfmade crocheted gloves the fingerless ones. They are really nice, keeping your hands warm (well still the fingers are freezing, but you can use the phone if needed outside) and what about my head? Of course some kind of headcover, a beanie, knitted, crocheted or bought one or my Tichel with thicker scarf to keep my head warm and the headache away.

With all its beauty and the fresh air I’m thanking the Lord that he has blessed me with good health, enough clothes and a warm home – while others don’t, depending on financial circumstances, or after coming as a refugee or homeless.
To be honest, the homeless in Germany sometimes chose to stay outside instead of staying at a save and warm place.
Years ago I questioned myself why there are homeless in Germany, while we have a good working system leaving no one on the street if not wanted.
Even I heard that someone wanted to give a homeless food while instead he wanted money and rejected taking the food because he wanted to buy something strong to drink to keep warm and stay outside.
And even if someone wants to stay outside, being not in the system at all there are some possibilities to sleep in a warm place at least.
There are different possibilities, they have new buildings especially for women, they have busses for homeless to sleep in and other places. I think, it is important to let homeless people know, that there is a possibility to stay warm, at least at night, where it’s freezing and reaching temperatures below 0 degree and more.

Nowadays it is easier to help refugees, especially with kids clothes, blankets or other things needed. It is a simple step to check on communities, the church, the citizen office and/or at the mayor.

While I declutter my closet (again this year 2018) I checked on all clothes still usable and clean to donate, because honestly even I, owning not as much as others, have more than enough.
I can tell, I’m so blessed because of my church family, my family, my friends that I have more than enough and I’m so happy to help others.
After I watched “the minimalist” on Netflix the other day I realized that I can donate even more clothes out of my closet. I liked the part where they showed women trying plan 333 – where you chose out 33 items, clothes, tops, pants, pullover, sweater, skirt, jewlery etc. And use them for 3 months. Sure first you check if everything fits and is easily to be combined with each other and the most important thing – it’s the cloth you really love and usually wear.

I realized that this thinking is right, as I can see with my kids, who already chose what to wear them self. They love some of their clothes and it’s somehow easy to sort out.

With that I donated some clothes and my closet is still not empty at all. I’m happy I declutter but I will continue in 3 months, after I’ve finished the other rooms. It’s like going in circles but after sorting out I also try and watch me buying carefully and thoughtfully.

Also after having this idea of living a minimalists life I loved the idea of a van with possibility to live in. Still a dream but who knows, one day I’m ready for this step.

Be blessed!

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