Spring Time

As I enjoy every season of the year, I am enjoying spring mornings, where the air is fresh and cold and turns warm during the day. Feeling like a school kid again, while I’m attending a course in accounting again.

Right now I’m sitting in class waiting for the teacher to start telling me about the yearly income and how to calculate.

Besides I’m trying to study scripture as much as possible – why? My main focus is to get to know Jesus more so that through him I get to know His Father more, Abba!

There is so much influence and distraction on the internet, that tries to get me away from Adonai.

Who is the Father, who is the Son and who is the Holy Spirit – that is my current study and I’m looking forward 🙂

Lately I experience that I’m distracted a lot by social media, what is happening in the world and more. Distraction containing the present, the past and the future. Thoughts, pictures and studies from people around the world shared through Instagram and blog posts leaving my head full with impression and topics to study.