A usual Monday, everything’s like always I’m thankful for nice weather, fresh air, healthy kids and a save place to live. The daily routine brought us to childcare and school and even I’m a little in a hurry every day it’s refreshing my everything.

During my course and every now and then I have this “missing” feeling. It’s not missing a person, it is missing a talk, a conversation with my heavenly father – and I’m just realising that it’s been a long time since I just simply talked to Abba. And I’m sad about it, sure some might say just sit still and talk to Abba. Have you ever experienced this situation that you want to, start to talk and then by surprise you’ve been interrupted by anyone or anything distracting you. So for me I guess it’s best to have a real quiet and scheduled time with my heavenly Father, where I am focused on the prayer and talk to my Abba. Before I talked to Abba when I was on my way in the morning – it’s just an organisation challenge for me right now. I need to find time for prayer and reduce time I’m wasting. And again I recognize that I’m wasting time on the smartphone, while I left apple and iPhone some time ago, I find myself wasting my time on my new Nokia. So it’s not the brand of the smartphone it’s simply my behaviour and my strength to say “smartphone free time” and more LIFE. Once I found a picture of an old phone with the sentence “when phones were on wire, you were free”… True true…

No one is covering, should I?

Some time ago I started covering for God, it was a good yet strange feeling as I image all the stares I received. When I started covering I was living in an area with many different cultures and believes, so it may not be as much recognized as today.

I moved and am living in a mainly Christian area were no one is covering except me. It’s still the same in my church, as I’m the only woman covering for years.

It is still interesting to answer their questions, while often I receive a statement like “Paul doesn’t mean us to cover, when he says so it’s only for Corinthian women, or it’s a traditional and different time thing”… Well if it’s not the right time for them I’m totally fine, while for me it is exactly what my heavenly Father has called me too. And I think it’s important for me to study even more about God’s love for us and how he sees us and wants his children to behave. Sometimes people just pick out the nice and perfect fitting quotes while leaving or cutting out others.

These last few months I’ve been through some tough passages in life, I started questioning a lot, tried to organise life in every spot (this is still a way to go), thought about nature and how I can be more sustainable – here I found out, the more I try to reduce waste, it seems to be even more. But I guess it’s just the view of reducing waste in general.

About my headcovering, lately I’m testing out different styles, same as some sisters I’ve meet online on Instagram, while I order a lot from the U.S. I realized the high expenses for custom service. As I own a sewing machine, I might start some headcoverings my own.

In May I started a 52 weeks Bible reading plan with a sister in Christ. Within these 52 weeks we want to read through the New Testament. We are reading one chapter a day Monday to Friday. We are reading Mark 3 today and I love to start my day with God’s Word!

Be richly blessed dear brothers and sisters!