A usual Monday, everything’s like always I’m thankful for nice weather, fresh air, healthy kids and a save place to live. The daily routine brought us to childcare and school and even I’m a little in a hurry every day it’s refreshing my everything.

During my course and every now and then I have this “missing” feeling. It’s not missing a person, it is missing a talk, a conversation with my heavenly father – and I’m just realising that it’s been a long time since I just simply talked to Abba. And I’m sad about it, sure some might say just sit still and talk to Abba. Have you ever experienced this situation that you want to, start to talk and then by surprise you’ve been interrupted by anyone or anything distracting you. So for me I guess it’s best to have a real quiet and scheduled time with my heavenly Father, where I am focused on the prayer and talk to my Abba. Before I talked to Abba when I was on my way in the morning – it’s just an organisation challenge for me right now. I need to find time for prayer and reduce time I’m wasting. And again I recognize that I’m wasting time on the smartphone, while I left apple and iPhone some time ago, I find myself wasting my time on my new Nokia. So it’s not the brand of the smartphone it’s simply my behaviour and my strength to say “smartphone free time” and more LIFE. Once I found a picture of an old phone with the sentence “when phones were on wire, you were free”… True true…

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