I am Sarah, a 33 year old, Jesus loving (tichel wearing) christian, mother, crocheting baby blankets – and new to blogging.

Born into a Christian family, baptized as a baby, because european culture says so, I started my journey early. A big thanks to my parents, who always supported my interest in religion, in believe and in questioning and seeking the truth myself.
When I was about 15 years old I started to get myself informed about the major religions on earth. I asked myself (and my holy father) about, which way is right for me to go.
While I started the so called „Confirmation Course“ in Germany, I had about 2 years to think what is right for me, so I started studying Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and some Hinduism. I stayed with my Christian believe and continued reading and learning about Judaism and Islam, as these three religions have the same roots.

Thinking that my journey was over, when I decided to grow in my christian believe, I did not realize how life and sin kept pulling my soul away from God. After my teens and finished High School, sin whispered lies into my ears and pushed me to my rebellion times, not respecting my parents and questioning biblical rules.

This remained until I finally returned back on the right path of my holy father, while I was meeting new friends at a christian community.
In 2014 I learned that God is alive! That he is listening my prayers, that he is with me even if I can’t see him. No one could have known, what I’ve been praying to my heavenly father for the past years, because I never mentioned it to anyone.
Suddenly this complete unknown woman, walked straight on me, with a warm smile on her face and started to hug me on this christian community meeting.
She explained in simple words, that sometimes the heavenly father is talking to her through his holy spirit and she has to forward it to the person who should hear it.
So this time it was me.
This feeling, I don’t know if you experienced this feeling, when you feel hot and cold at the same time, when you have so many expressions and noise in your head but you instantly feel the little voice calming the storm, telling you to listen now – and suddenly the chaos inside me was quiet. She smiled and then just said these few words =
„I have never let go of your hand“. I opened my eyes widely, and she understood my expression and simply replied, that these words are not hers, she just delivers what my heavenly father was telling me.
My body trembled, but my heart knew these words are truely not hers; because she couldn’t have known, that for the past years I was praying that He should please be with me, that He should please not leave me. And there I go with His answer.

„But Christ died for us while we were still sinners, and by this God showed how much he loves us.“ Romans 5:8

Yes, I was a sinner – as proclaimed in this bible verse, this is the truth.

I ended living in sin, I follow Jesus and put God first every day and ask him to open my eyes and ears to listen to his Holy Spirit. And I proclaimed it „Your will be done, on Earth as in Heaven“ during my Baptism in Decembre 2014.

My journey is not over yet, because every day on this earth will be a new chance and challenge for me and everyone else. My purpose in life is God, my light in life is Jesus Christ, my guidance in life is the Holy Spirit. And my gift for you is to share my experience.
I thank you, for your interest in my story. Maybe you walked in by mistake, or by purpose; either way I know, it’s led by Him.
This Blog should bring light in darkness, it should spread truth, and fill hearts with love.
Feel free to comment below or e-mail questions, request or topic suggestions.

God’s abundant blessings to my Brothers and Sisters on Earth! Amen

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