crocheting projects

Oh how I love all the new projects I see on Pinterest – the only problem I have is, that I shouldn’t take any looks on social media while I’m working on a project already.
It’s like right now, I’m crocheting one hat for myself and am also starting to knit a new baby blanket. While doing these I already built up wishes and images of another even bigger blanket in knitting version. Usually I prefer crocheting, but I just started to knit this one and I like it!
I also like to sew some small and big projects for the kids and for our dog and am still learning new skills.

Right now I’m knitting a simple baby blanket with blocks and different colours. I knit the blocks first and later I will sew them together to finish this beautiful project. There are several stitches I learned and love and as mentioned before I always think about new projects while working on my current ones. I need to finish this baby blanket now, because 2 cousins gave birth to 3 babies this year and I finished 2 blankets already (boy and girl) and still need a girl blanket for the 3rd baby.
After this I already made this new project in my mind, a big blanket, I’m not sure about the colours, the size, the pattern, but I have a hint of it, the colours will be nature tone (orange, brown, etc.) and I’m thinking about the moroccan stitch, or an CAL (crochet along).

To all of you crocheters/knitters with small kids, do you also experience this phenomenon that as soon as you pick up your hook or needles your kids cling to you like a bubblegum?
I love my kids, and I love to spent time with them and be around them, listen to their stories their days – but it’s really interesting, that every time I pick up my hook at least one is trying to sit on my lap to interrupt my work – with no bad intention of course.

And with my knitting skills, well lets say I’m a beginner and really try to take care to perfectly count and not lose a line.
How can I say, I really love all the yarn projects I did so far and am looking forward to all the projects to come.
It’s funny, because back in 2017 I thought and started to plan this blog and use some other social platforms to start selling my selfmade baby blankets.
I don’t know if this road is my path or not, if this blog is my path or not. I don’t know if I already found the perfect niche and so on.

Will see in the near future I guess πŸ˜‰ until then I’ll share my thoughts with you. Be richly blessed!

Goodbye 2018

There are still 2 more days to come in 2018 before we start counting down the numbers to the next year. With this I just started thinking about the year 2018 today, what I’ve planned and what I actually did and what experience I collected and all the little extra’s.

Sure there are always plenty of ideas and thoughts you have at the end of a year and you really want to change or do something in the new upcoming year. Right now, I don’t really have plans for 2019, how can I say, I just gave it all to the highest, my heavenly Father Adonai.

I just checked my old calendar/planer 2017 what I wrote down for 2018 and have to say, I nearly did it all. What was on the list?

  • Bible reading plan
  • Crochet (for selling)
  • Learning new languages
  • Declutter
  • Household plan
  • Clean eating plan

I completed several bible reading plans, and I’m thankful for the app on my smartphone to make things really easy and handy.
Where I can choose the topic and receive the perfect bible quote, to let it sink in and think about it, where I can see it in my current situation and life circumstance.

The crocheting projects are rolling, mainly for personal use and as baby gifts for family and friends, this year I sold one toddler hat/beanie and I hope to continue doing so. The clean eating and household plan is still ongoing, yeah I guess this one is a life-time plan. Especially my clean eating, I did this up-great-life thing, it was good, it was healthy and delicious, but somehow I ended up eating even more, like my mind said “why to leave out all the delicious food”? So, after I lost several kg I gained even more back on…. this was and still is kind of frustrating, but somehow I started to take a close look and I figured out about what I need to change and why. This is one of my new challenges 2019.
About the declutter plan, just this month I started and finally finished the kitchen!! As a mother with small kids it’s really a challenge, I found myself cleaning, cleaning, cleaning from one room to the other and somehow it seemed that I will never finish, as it was always a new chaos after I finished one room.

About my language plan, I re-started my duolingo app and first I refreshed my Russian and also my Hebrew learning, I also try to watch enough videos on youtube to help it reaching good language skills – but I have to admit, that it’s a tough process, to keep up. Besides Russian and Hebrew I now and then like to learn some arabic words, while it’s really difficult to keep up with 3 languages – sometimes I wish I could just simply learn a language overnight. Ha, guess this is a dream many (who loves languages) have.

As I read and watched many others creating and having their bullet journals I intended to start my own, well until now I still haven’t, I just put my personal calendar into some sort of it, I love to write down every now and then, and in all the blank sites I practice my lettering, or I painted something or combined both. This is something I loved back in my past and still love today, so everytime I find some free time, where I don’t read, and don’t crochet or knit I try to combine bible study and art.
These are the plans I made 2017 for this year, I wish I could travel more with the kids, doing some weekend trips beside the holidays. Living more with less, this is still a plan I’m going for until I’ll reach it. What does it mean for me? Less materials and more life, more time with the family and less on social media. I know I can reach it with God, I only have to rely and trust his plan and I know his plan for me is the best. 

During this year I realised that I have too many hobbies and I need to organise it better, or select out some of them.
Combining family, personal life, free-time and so on. 

So with this I’m wishing you a good and blessed time in 2018 and a wonderful step into 2019. Be blessed!

Summer 2018

It’s been a long time now, since I last posted something here.I’ve been busy trying to put up a new Instagram Account for my crocheted beauties the baby blankets and it still is a challenge to be active on the IG profile while crocheting at the same time. And of course there is my official account the #headcovering4jesus IG one, that keeps me busy (besides my real life with family, kids, church community, friends etc.)What happened the last few months? Beside our small trip to the Netherlands nearly 2 months ago, wow time flies! days got busy preparing for childcare, school and a possible second small vacation for the family. While I love to crochet all the time i try to combine it with hillsong I can listen to through my online radio or what I started lately I listen to an audio book. In the past I didn’t like it that much, I remember that I started one audio book in the car once but didn’t like it as I couldn’t focus on the story while I was driving. Today I use my headphones to listen to my book while the kids are playing and I can crochet besides. So I can do more at the same time, I do listen to the book while I cook or clean the house. Right now I’m listening to Joseph Prince “Let-Go Life” on my #audible and it is such a blessing for me right now to be able to clean up, cook or crochet but still be able to listen to a book. I used to read a lot, and fast, but lately it’s really difficult to combine it all, I still have some unread books on my #kindle and some even unwrapped books on my bookshelf πŸ™ƒWhile listening to Jospeh Prince I start to practise what it’s about in his book, the “let-go life” I used to be stressed with different situations and life circumstances, like Joseph said, financial, child education, future plans etc., while the word of God taught and still teaches me not to. I like to see how Gods word and his promises changes me everyday, even if it’s been just a bit it is enough and a lot for my life, because God doesn’t want to stress myself. Stress, what can it look like? With me I had a strong experience starting last year, where a feeling grew inside me, that I need to prepare myself and my family for something that might come, like deposit enough food and water, to have everything we need for day x. It caught my attention, that I couldn’t sleep and couldn’t live my day normally with my family and friends – until I finally stopped worrying and trusting the Lord!And then this year it happened again, with financial issues, we got in some situation where we didn’t know if we have enough at the end of the month to buy food. When we started to trust the Lord, he showed us what we actually need and where to start cutting the expenses. A brother in Christ showed me a way to keep track on the monthly budget with weekly envelopes and a monthly plan where I can oversee the whole money income and expenses, it helps to plan ahead.This is my current live and daily challenge to stop stressing myself and trusting more.Be blessed!

Not enough hours

I was thinking about this next blog post.
The day is already done, and I’m preparing for bed, as I need some rest – at least 7 hours to keep going.
Sometimes I think I’ve too many schedules and plans a day, but then again it makes me feel whole.

So what is it, that I do? Besides writing as a new blogger, I crochet baby blankets, I read different books about faith, believe, God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, I do bible studies, I’m still de cluttering my everything, still planing and working on being more and more minimalist, I want to create my own war binder/bullet journal/travellers journal, I enjoy Hillsong, I spend time with my family and I practice writing. It’s actually not that much, while I’m counting them here, while during the day it’s time consuming. So I can’t do everything everyday, I need to put them into a schedule, this is really difficult, as I want to have enough free-time for my family and kids.

I try to combine different things to save time, like crocheting while listening to the bible app or my latest audiobook “Eve” by Paul William Young.
Like right now I’m listening to my daily bible plan while writing this post. It’s training my brain to work and listen to God’s Word.

While it is still unorganized in my daily life I know where I have to put my faith and trust, you know I tried to arrange and plan everything myself, but never involved my heavenly father.
I have to remind myself every day, to put God first in every situation, I want to walk with him everywhere he wants me to be. And this is, why I know that he will help me, arrange my daily routine and schedule; he will show me and let me know, what might be not necessary and what is important for him, so I can check and change to start focusing on these things.

When I started my healthy eating and cleaning-household plan I realized, what God wants in my life. He doesn’t want to restrict my life with rules, but with this plans I can see, that he wants the good for me, my body and my life. Same with my minimalism challenge and my new plank-challenge (I just started 4 days ago). Living with less let me see and value things I own more, it’s reducing waste and well who knows, maybe I can reach a no-waste-Sarah this year?! Guess I will start crocheting some tote-bags. And I started a 30-day plank challenge, because I want to do something for my body with a bit of exercise. I do some extra exercise for my back as well.

Guess plans and challenges are the perfect thing for me. It’s not for everyone, but yes I can tell you, it’s 100% right for me.

Blessings to you!

Small things

It’s Valentines day, the weather is so beautiful, while its still really cold outside, the sun is shining.
The days become longer again and so you feel the energy returning too.

While I had some plans ongoing the last couple of weeks and months today is a day with just a cleaning/household plan.
After I finished “the purpose-driven life” I thought about starting another reading plan but guess I need a break of a couple of days maybe.

I finished some beautiful blankets and also gifted 3 of them to new mama’s and their baby’s. And I’m still creating new ones for sale.

I’m still planing on having my own war binder/blog binder but haven’t found the perfect leather outlet for my inlays.
Found so many beautiful videos on youtube about it!

Ha, and the de-cluttering session is not finished yet, last time I just sorted out everything in my closet. And felt relieved already, so yesterday I tried to sort out everything unnecessary and put it in boxes =
Selling, donating and to throw away.

Honestly, first I thought it’s a month challenge – now I know it’s a lifetime challenge… especially with kids, maybe it’s easier as a single person, but maybe not… until I’m done – I continue crocheting blankets, blankets, blankets… haha…

Hum, this is it for today, sure there is more upcoming.
Be blessed

Hello 2018 – day 2

It is day 2 of 2018 and well, what to say? I’m working well on minimizing social media and working on my baby blankets and reading plan and so much more.

I said I would finish 2 blankets by tomorrow, but well seems really busy and somehow a real challenge, because the yarn is too thin – but because of that, the blanket will be soooo cute!

Somehow it’s more difficult to plan and organize the daily schedule, but I’m really positive that by the time goes by, everything will be more and more organized.
I started a household- and cleaning schedule, to be more organized and it helped me a lot, to save up heaps of time to be with my family, to crochet and to even have some time for myself. Like reading my newest book and 40 days reading plan “the Purpose-driven Life” by Rick Warren.
I’m already 1 week on this plan/or challenge how I call it, and it’s really good in bringing in new perspectives on our purpose and reason of life. I like it and it is worth to buy!

While I was living in Australia, I already saw this book and was interested in reading it, while I haven’t bought back then, I did, when I moved back to Germany and found it in a nearby christian book store. I bought it 2 years ago, but told myself to start, when I finished my “women of the bible” book.. to prevent reading too many books at the same time.
I did it before, reading up to 2-3 different books at the same time, it’s not helpful, because I start to mix things up.
So while I stop reading multiple books I do crochet 2 blankets at a time…

So I started reading The Purpose-driven Life and I have to say, it is great! You read several pages per day, and then you have the time to work with it, with everything you’ve read and get it into your body, soul and mind. Get to understand fully what you’ve read and start to practice and put it into your life and daily routine or into your whole being.

When I saw this book back then, I haven’t had any intentions or thoughts reading it, it was just appealing. And now I understand why, it’s the right book for me.

I will continue reading my daily reading plan and will keep you updated, as well as I do on my instagram account spc178, where you’re welcome to follow and comment on my pictures.

Be blessed!

Welcome 2018..

What’s left behind from 2017, did you start and finish all your plans from 2016? Which one did you plan, start and finish, which did you regret or discontinue, which one are you planning to start all over or continue in 2018?

In 2017 I started writing the Blog after I was thinking and talking to God whether to do so or not. After some time I decided to give it a try, I read different opinions and tips online and stopped at Blogs by numbers and have to tell you, that this helped me a lot. While I haven’t used all the tips, just one or two I plan to change this in 2018 and focus on my niche – well I don’t know what it will be in the end, but I know my niche will be blessed!

In 2017 I went from iphone addict to BlackBerry user with minimal apps and it’s becoming less every day.
Talking about minimalism, this one I started too and still I am decluttering monthly step by step until I will be satisfied and my family will too.

The minimalism way of life got shortly interrupted, when I had some other thinking about my near future and the world’s future I planned differently, I collected plans and ideas for a nature based life in a van, being able to travel with the whole family and live wherever needed. Somehow like nomads. It is still a nice plan to own a van to go on trips every weekend, but I stopped being stressed and somehow furious about being alarmed to get ready for whatever may come.
This period of time was a hard lesson, I experienced strong anxiety and fear, while everything was and is fine. It took me some time and research and trust and faith in God to get back on track of the light and right way.
After some time everything was alright and I was focusing on the Lord, reading scripture, listening to the bible app and doing more and more research on some questions of my life and life situations.

In 2017 I had some other plans relating to languages, while it’s really difficult to continue learning languages while the daily schedule is so crowded. It doesn’t mean that I won’t continue and even start next year, because the feeling inside my heart is still there to learn hebrew, aramaic/arabic and maybe some russian (for personal use).
While I was walking outside the last few weeks I had some thoughts and talks to my heavently father about the wish to learn the new languages, and while the thought “it’s too late and you are too old and there is no time at all” I heard the clear voice that if the Lord placed this wish inside my heart I will obey, listen and start walking!
And I will find the right solution to start and keep learning the language in 2018.

In the second part of 2017 I started my meal plan, and finally changed some eating habits, like less meat, less milk products and more and more vegetables and fruits.
With this plan I lost 5kg in 4 weeks, and I’m still trying to eat clean and this works well for me and my family. And I’m so thankful that the Lord gave me my sister in Christ who shared the plan of clean eating.
I will continue this plan in January or February 2018, and so will my whole family.

After writing blogposts on my smartphone and ipad I really am ready for a normal keyboard on a laptop or computer, to help me writing faster and to keep me away from too many apps and distractions.

So 2018 will be something new and something blessed, I feel and know it. Different things will start and several will stay the same.
Somewhen this new year I will start my war binder, I just need some leather book to keep my inlays and thoughts together. Using my new daily calendar, I will try some bullet journaling as well.
And yes, I started to learn the beautiful lettering, first I saw it on instagram and pinterest and then I trained with my sister in Christ, with beautiful pens and I say the lettering time has begun.

With this I’m  wishing you a blessed start in your new Year with your family and beloved ones! I hope you’ll continue visiting my blogposts in 2018 πŸ˜‰