The Difficulties I experienced and still experience wearing a headcover – no matter if it’s my Tichel or a Hijab or Veil is still in the air.

Even posting pictures on Instagram (@Sarah_Jesus_Headcover) creates questions, questionmarks inside some heads and well sometimes misunderstanding. But I really appreciate all my followers and followers-to-be who simply write a message or post a comment below and ask whatever is on their mind.
Sometimes it’s even easier to talk to others on these online platforms as in real life.
Why is that? Well let me explain, in real daily life, walking with a tichel or any kind of headcover as a Christian creates these questionmarks on people’s face. I can’t even tell why, but I experienced that sometimes people want to ask, and sometimes they don’t. If they don’t, they’d like to keep their own explanation, even if they are totally “wrong” or “misled”. While on others it’s like this disgusting look, because I stopped wearing my tichel the second half of 2017 and started again in 2018. And it feels like a facial expression telling me “come on, you’ve already had this period and let’s call it phase of your life, than finally you stopped and got back to normal and now again? Why’s that, I hoped and wished that you’ve passed it now and forever”… this is a lot, for just an expression – but well, I don’t know why, but too often it’s that I’m right about such things. It’s like a “feeling” or something like this.

Last time I had a good talk to my sister, while I don’t know if she understood what I tried to explain to her or not, because as I know myself years ago I was similar, thinking “why should God want us to cover our hair? He created us like this” yes, totally right, it has nothing to do with our naturally appearance but more about obedience for our heavenly father Adonai. Our culture, the media and well social acceptance created a point of view in my sight that kept telling me to take my right as a woman wearing what I want, if I want to be sexy I wear even less clothes, because I can. Well, yes because I can, doesn’t mean it’s the right way.

“Submit as people who are free, but not letting your freedom serve as an excuse for evil; rather, submit as God’s slaves. Be respectful to all — keep loving the brotherhood, fearing God and honoring the emperor.”
1 Pe 2:16‭-‬17 CJB

The most experience while wearing my tichel is a surprised facial expression and sometimes question about my believe, if I converted, if I’m Muslim, if I changed something important in my life – and if so what exactly?! Some asked, if I cover because of sickness, if I lost my hair and cover because of cancer or leukemia.
And still, on Instagram I’m asked if I’m Muslim even I’m posting christian and biblical quotes – I’m not offended or anything at all, it’s always a pleasure to get in touch and in good talk to people interested in “why I cover”. When I started last year it was a challenge for myself, but also a way to let others know and inform why others cover and the most important thing to stop a limited mind thinking about headcover is for muslimas only.
It is still a way to go and not as easy as it could be, because the first impression is still something different. But as long as people ask and show interest, there is hope to spread truth.

When I met Jesus and when he took place in my heart, I wanted to know him more, become more like him, like my heavenly father sees me, he has created me as a whole, perfect person and I want to show this, and thank him by gifting him my whole life and everything I am and everything I do.

I can pray in my home, in my room; same as praying in my church community – but I also pray and talk to God while I’m outside, walking in the park or forest.
Last year I read a bit of “stop being a people-pleaser” by Joyce Meyer and this is what I still try to practice in full. Sometimes it is easy, sometimes it is a bit more difficult.
Especially right now in the cold winter season, I’m wearing normal hats/beanies besides my tichel headcovering.

Well, well.. I will keep you updated with my headcover post and the year 2018!

Be blessed!


Christian Head-Covering Tag

It is time to start this blog post, to let you know some more facts and to let you know more about my ways wearing a headcover as a Jesus following christian.

A dear blog follower introduced me to this christian head covering tag and I think it is really a good idea to write down some facts about me and my story on wearing a headcover a jewish tichel.

• How old are you?
I’m 33 years old.

• For how long are you covering?
I started covering last year, 2017 in spring, after I donated my hair.

• How do you cover?
I cover all of my hair; after I tried to cover parts of my hair, like some leaving a fringe, but with my head and hair it didn’t work.
After I started covering my head I started thinking and wearing more modest clothes. I cover my legs and I sorted out tops, shirts and sweater showing too much of chest and chestbones.

• Why do you cover?
I’m born into a protestant christian family, no one is wearing a headcover, whether in church, nor outside.
As a half Indonesian with many visits in this beautiful country I got in contact with hijab wearing women, as Indonesia is the biggest country with Muslim people, 88% of the Indonesians are Muslim (about 191 Mio.people).

Some years ago I started to question myself why some women cover, and the first impression and thought was because of a rule, or a husband, a tradition or a country who tells women to do so. I did some research about the different ways and styles of headcover and their different expression and intention, I began to pray and asked God about my way, my purpose and what I still need to know about headcovering.

I read 1 Cor 11
But I want you to understand that the head of every man is the Messiah, and the head of a wife is her husband, and the head of the Messiah is God. Every man who prays or prophesies wearing something down over his head brings shame to his head, but every woman who prays or prophesies with her head unveiled brings shame to her head — there is no difference between her and a woman who has had her head shaved. For if a woman is not veiled, let her also have her hair cut short; but if it is shameful for a woman to wear her hair cut short or to have her head shaved, then let her be veiled.
1 Co 11:3‭-‬6 CJB

And I started to re-think about the way the western woman is clothing herself and why we think it is a freedom and gift to wear less clothes as a woman. I took a deeper look at the social advertisement, the media and the education.
It is said that women shouldn’t be bound to her wearing, her clothes and her appearance – I think this is correct, but when you start changing the point of view into a neutral point, where you start seeing yourself as a perfect creation God has made, it is a fast way to a more modest way of clothing and behavior.
For me it got clearer every day, as my mind knew, I don’t have to show more flesh and body parts of myself to the world just to be accepted, to be recognized, to be someone.
I just want to be me, the “me” God has created in my mother’s womb 33 years ago.
As a sign of honor and reverence I started covering my hair during prayer at home, which quickly extended, as I questioned myself, what I should do outside, while I’m at the mall, or grocery or at the zoo or elsewhere when I am praying unplanned.
This is how and why I started covering in the first place.

• Do you cover for the same reason now and in the beginning?
The reason I covered in the beginning is still the same now, while today I have to answer even more questions about covering than before. I moved 6 months ago and while moving I didn’t cover my head and now I started again.

•In front of whom do you stay covered? Are there exceptions (family gatherings, working place..)?
At the moment I cover my head in church and on some activities of the kids. I don’t wear my headcover at home or while family gatherings, usually I take off my headcover while visiting female friends and wrap my “tichel” back on when going home.

• What was the reaction of your husband? Of other family members? Of persons you meet?
The reactions were differently, my sisters reacted distant, so did my mother, while my father knows that biblically and in old traditionally christian communities it is nothing new or uncommon to see head covered women in church.
The other family members didn’t asked much, I don’t know if this was because of no interest or fear to ask an embarrassing question.
When I first cover, I met many people outside guessing I’m Arab and Muslim, while I think my appearance is clearly Asian, I could friendly tell that I’m German, while half Asian and no, I’m not a muslima but Jesus following Christian.
For some the next question was, why I cover then, if it is normal for a Christian or not and as soon as we got in a conversation it was a positive exchange of this topic “head cover”.

• How did covering change your life? (prayer, self-esteem, testifying…)
The cover was a shield, like a helmet and a crown. I decided to cover for God, not because my husband has told me, or my father or my church community, but because my heart told me to listen to my heavenly father and obey his rules, and not to look to other people’s opinions, or

• your denomination?
I am following Jesus Christ, the living Word of God, ADONAI my heavenly father and his Ruach HaKodesh – Holy Spirit – christian.

I thank you for reading my new blogpost, please leave a comment below. Be blessed! Shalom

Walking with Jesus

It is still fresh in the beginning of 2018, and while I’m just back on my way of wearing the beautiful tichel, many thoughts are crossing my mind.
Like the small border to cross every day, choosing the scarf and putting away the fear and thoughts about what others might think seeing me, wearing my headscarf.
Like today I had to walk into district court, where they check really strict and well, at first I received all the looks, but after I walked with faith and Jesus quickly their facial expressions changed, without telling a word.
While the first thought was, what do they think, or what do they have in mind about me; I simply pushed these thoughts away and walked in faith.

To all you tichel, headcover, hijab wearing women, what reaction, questions and comments were you dealing with, when you started to wear your headcover?
I know for some religious reasons, women who once decide to wear the headcover they have to stick to it and continue wearing it daily, for example jewish married women, cover their hair daily and constant; and Muslim women continue wearing hijab, niqab or burka when they choose and decide to wear it. While I recently met one old friend who changed from hijab wearing for over 14 years to non-hijab. I haven’t had the chance and time to meet her yet and to have a talk about the circumstances, her story about choosing to stop wearing hijab.

I guess you too have had or still have these situations where you get these looks or questions about your headcover. How do you handle these? Maybe you can share your way of starting to wear your headcover in a comment?

Be blessed!

Day 8

It’s January 8th and this day is the day where I finally got back on my way of full obedience and trust in the Lord.

Why is that?

In 2017 I was first wearing my Tichel, starting in the first quarter of the year. This was first not daily or regular, but mostly on some events, where I met friends or went to sport activities of my kids.
It was something complete new, because besides my Muslim friends there were no other women wearing these special kind of headcover.
Before I finally decided to wear a Tichel I was reading a lot, praying a lot and again reading and surfing the internet.
The first and main question I had was “are there other christian woman wearing a headcover (besides the nun), especially a headcover similar to the hijab and/or tichel?”
And I found some blogposts and pinterest pins where I continued reading and growing my interest and wish to finally obey God’s call for myself.

When I first decided to wear my headcover, I had many friends and some far relatives living close by, so there was a necessarily to explain what exactly I was doing, also my christian community – while I knew, my christian family would understand, accept and of course welcome my wish to cover my hair/head.
While I already posted some of my experiences I had wearing my Tichel back in 2017 but by the end of 2017 in September I slowly stopped wearing my Tichel. I went to my hairdresser and then I stopped wrapping my head.
It was okay for the first month, like a rebellion feeling alright with the things she’s doing, and even it is not a big deal to cover or not to cover for some, for me it was.

In my family there is no one wrapping/covering their hair, so it was more unusual for me, to cover as a Christian.
And yes it was a challenge and an act of strength to stay strong with my believe why I’m covering with all the questions and arguments you get to hear, while right now, looking back on all these situations I can smile and think, I shouldn’t have tried to do it all by myself, as it is simply God’s request towards me, not anyone else’s, but just me; so that’s the main reason. Where it comes from or why women do, this are good questions too, but for all the unasked questions that I saw in some people’s eyes I can happily suggest “Google”.

While here on my blog I will tell you all my ways and steps and thoughts of why and how I finally found back to wrapping again.

The last month’s of 2017 while I still wasn’t covering my hair I somehow had this every now and then feeling to take some looks on pinterest or instagram were I follow tichel and hijab styles, as well as I continue studying the scripture and exchanging thoughts and bible quotes with my siblings at church, I quickly knew, that my short absence of not wearing my Tichel was temporarily.

Once a friend told me “only the naughty wife’s should wear a headcovering, we are free through Jesus Christ” and I canagree to that – we are free through our saviour Jesus but to cover my hair doesn’t mean, I’m following some rules I read in the bible and which rules for every women believing in Christ. For me covering my hair means obeying God in my home, my heart but also in public. I put this headcovering border between me, my head and this earth, to show where and especially to whom I belong.

For some women the only impression of headcover is the Muslim women wearing a hijab, and the image of these being oppressed or even been forced to wear a hijab or niqab or else. I’m not saying there aren’t suc situations, but headcovering women aren’t labelled being Muslim. Headcovering Christians and Jews are covering their head as well as our Muslim sisters do, but sadly in our time and our culture the devil knows how to implement fear and lies in things like headcovering. History shows that even 50 years ago women were wearing headcoverings religious and non-religious. When I first decided to wear my tichel I found out there’s is a lot to improve with information and to stop fear and especially intolerance in our western countries. It is important to have thirsty willing Christians instead of sleeping uninformed Christians who only knows Christmas is where Santa is coming and Easter means the Easter bunny hides the eggs.

In December 2017 I already posted my thoughts about headcover tichel and hijab but today, there is this one particular thought in my head “whom do you obey? Who is more important to you, the desires and thoughts of the other people around you, or my thoughts – from my heavenly father the almighty ADONAI!

Again I want to make clear, this post is about me and my experience about my way of a non-headcovering-christian to a headcovering-christian, and not a pointing finger at a biblical quote that hair covering is a rule for every woman. In my opinion it is something personal between you and ADONAI, there has to be something really deep meaning for you, a wish, a heart desire, a wish to obey and to give glory to God by doing whatever you may do and in this case to cover your hair. If you may feel similar this might be a good blog post to read and get to know why I started, paused and get back to wearing my Tichel in 2018. This was, what I exactly felt, I was used to not-cover, as I was not covering my head for 32 years and then I just started to wear the Tichel in 2017, sure I felt it was right for me, and it felt familiar in some case; but I willfully decided to stop wearing it and in the end, my spirit led me to the knowledge what is right for me and what is not.

So in December 2017 I already knew that covering my hair is right for me, is good for me, is simply me – but still I didn’t cover my hair. What kept me from doing this? Fear. Prejudice. To be biased. Bad talk. Lack of understanding.

You know where this led me? I finally found out, that I was again at one point of my life, where I’ve already have been – the people-pleaser passage. I understood, that I was thinking too much about the others, what would the other think, if I cover my hair, if I return covering, the gossip which may occur, the thoughts, so what was I thinking I could stop these thoughts about me by simply going back into the line, trying to be as invisible and similar as the others, following people’s rules in their town/city etc.? I’m not saying or stating, that I’m disobeying the rules of my city or my country but simply showing you my main focus and fear was pointing on something completely different than I wanted it to be. My spirit told me to focus on the Lord, my Abba. I knew that I should look at Jesus only and forget about the bad talks or any talks of the people around me.

And today, after I had a talk with my sister in Christ on the phone, I told her that I’m thinking to go back wearing my Tichel, but that I’m still calculating about how to cross my border that I’ve build and raised myself.
After we ended our talk on the phone it was like no more thinking about these issues at all, I knew that my soul with all its fears of gossip and talking from others, should subjugate the spirits leading and this is what finally happened. I didn’t thought about what may be, the talk, the looks, the thoughts – because this is something I can’t turn off – what I am able to decide is, what I am doing, whom I will follow and most important whom I will trust, obey and love!

Today is the first day of covering again, I already received incomprehensible looks, answered two of other mothers from school about my haircovering – and I can tell you, by wearing my Tichel I have way more nice discussions about christianity and my love and savior Jesus than without.

With this I send you God’s blessing and a big thank you for reading my blog. I will be back soon with more. Shalom

Welcome 2018..

What’s left behind from 2017, did you start and finish all your plans from 2016? Which one did you plan, start and finish, which did you regret or discontinue, which one are you planning to start all over or continue in 2018?

In 2017 I started writing the Blog after I was thinking and talking to God whether to do so or not. After some time I decided to give it a try, I read different opinions and tips online and stopped at Blogs by numbers and have to tell you, that this helped me a lot. While I haven’t used all the tips, just one or two I plan to change this in 2018 and focus on my niche – well I don’t know what it will be in the end, but I know my niche will be blessed!

In 2017 I went from iphone addict to BlackBerry user with minimal apps and it’s becoming less every day.
Talking about minimalism, this one I started too and still I am decluttering monthly step by step until I will be satisfied and my family will too.

The minimalism way of life got shortly interrupted, when I had some other thinking about my near future and the world’s future I planned differently, I collected plans and ideas for a nature based life in a van, being able to travel with the whole family and live wherever needed. Somehow like nomads. It is still a nice plan to own a van to go on trips every weekend, but I stopped being stressed and somehow furious about being alarmed to get ready for whatever may come.
This period of time was a hard lesson, I experienced strong anxiety and fear, while everything was and is fine. It took me some time and research and trust and faith in God to get back on track of the light and right way.
After some time everything was alright and I was focusing on the Lord, reading scripture, listening to the bible app and doing more and more research on some questions of my life and life situations.

In 2017 I had some other plans relating to languages, while it’s really difficult to continue learning languages while the daily schedule is so crowded. It doesn’t mean that I won’t continue and even start next year, because the feeling inside my heart is still there to learn hebrew, aramaic/arabic and maybe some russian (for personal use).
While I was walking outside the last few weeks I had some thoughts and talks to my heavently father about the wish to learn the new languages, and while the thought “it’s too late and you are too old and there is no time at all” I heard the clear voice that if the Lord placed this wish inside my heart I will obey, listen and start walking!
And I will find the right solution to start and keep learning the language in 2018.

In the second part of 2017 I started my meal plan, and finally changed some eating habits, like less meat, less milk products and more and more vegetables and fruits.
With this plan I lost 5kg in 4 weeks, and I’m still trying to eat clean and this works well for me and my family. And I’m so thankful that the Lord gave me my sister in Christ who shared the plan of clean eating.
I will continue this plan in January or February 2018, and so will my whole family.

After writing blogposts on my smartphone and ipad I really am ready for a normal keyboard on a laptop or computer, to help me writing faster and to keep me away from too many apps and distractions.

So 2018 will be something new and something blessed, I feel and know it. Different things will start and several will stay the same.
Somewhen this new year I will start my war binder, I just need some leather book to keep my inlays and thoughts together. Using my new daily calendar, I will try some bullet journaling as well.
And yes, I started to learn the beautiful lettering, first I saw it on instagram and pinterest and then I trained with my sister in Christ, with beautiful pens and I say the lettering time has begun.

With this I’m  wishing you a blessed start in your new Year with your family and beloved ones! I hope you’ll continue visiting my blogposts in 2018 😉

Headcover, Tichel, Hijab

Dear Friends, a couple of months ago I wrote you my experience in wearing a Tichel. I have the blogpost online to re-read it, and well it’s a personal and deep path I walked, because I started to feel the passion or the wanting to cover my hair some time ago. Not because man told me in history or because of marriage, I felt it, because of obedience to the Lord.
So I started to wear tichels, I watched many tutorial videos and started practicing in my bathroom for several hours at night, while the kids were sleeping. First it was a challenge to get the scarf save and not to slip while I walk or do the housework, or walk outside for bringing the kids to the childcare or playgrounds and shopping.

When I finally decided to wear and walk outside my home door it was something new, something strange for others and of course you could literally see the questionmarks on every ones head…
But only a few really asked, had the strength to ask and well, this helped me as well. Why did I decide to wear a head cover? To show obedience, not to the world or people, but to God…

When I moved in the middle of the year I changed and stopped wearing my Tichel daily. While after half a year I start feeling the missing and the strong task of obedience behavior to start wearing a headcover – and why shouldn’t and couldn’t I wear a hijab as a Christian? Well in Christ freedom we are allowed to wear whatever pleases the Lord. Still in this new area it is a challenge again, to cross the border, the people’s mind thinking and so on.

And again I start wrapping and testing at nicht, at home, while the children are sleeping and I try out different ways of wrapping and besides the Tichel I am more hijabi style lately.

Still i’m on my way walking close to Jesus, trying to be quite so I can listen and hear the Holy Spirit to know what I should do and where I will walk and be next.

Thank you for reading my story!
Be blessed!

Hair, Haircut and else

So, talking about Hair and Hairstyle. Lately I was wearing a headcover – Tichel and well not really point to think about my haircut.

So after I moved back I just left my hair and my life be as God wanted me to be. I had long beautiful hair and loved it, as God has gifted me. When I started to think about covering my hair – see my blog post here.
Covering my hair was connected to different thoughts and different situations in my past. Once one friend told me that I would’ve been under man’s hand and control, and the other I was in a relation with a Muslim man – while then I was in no one’s relation or control but I decided to cover my hair… while living in an area with different believes and spirits I prefer to cover my hair and head. Nowadays I like to check on informations about christian head covers, on the real origin ways and clothing of Jesus followers.
Well, the most results are arabic and Muslim hijab. Is it non christian to feel related to the modest look? Is it non christian to feel related to hijab and it’s modest style? Why do I feel related to the modest fashion and the so beautiful hijab style? The world sees hijab and the arabic world with one feeling – fear – why? You should ask yourself why?
Nowadays the urge, the feeling and the love to the native me is more real than before. I can tell you, before it was full of fear how the world, my surroundings could act, could see me, judge me and then? I don’t know, it’s still in process.

How to change the mind of many? How to change the minds of people around you, neighbors and family, friends and? Well, wearing a headcover as a non-muslim means explaining a lot and answering too many questions. Also it’s the questions on what style to wear, the stylish nowadays Tichel or hijabs? I don’t know why I feel related to the classic hijab. One day I will do the test about jewish origin and of course I will let you know.

So what does attract me about the hijab? The style, the look, the modest way to cloth a woman? What is a woman’s worth and purpose?
Is it okay what is normal these days? Is it God’s will to continue like this?
I will let you know about my further life steps… I’m still unsure, I liked to wear my headcover, and now I love to watch and see strong headcover-wearing women, while I walk uncovered these days…

Be blessed dear brothers and sisters!