Walking with Jesus

It is still fresh in the beginning of 2018, and while I’m just back on my way of wearing the beautiful tichel, many thoughts are crossing my mind.
Like the small border to cross every day, choosing the scarf and putting away the fear and thoughts about what others might think seeing me, wearing my headscarf.
Like today I had to walk into district court, where they check really strict and well, at first I received all the looks, but after I walked with faith and Jesus quickly their facial expressions changed, without telling a word.
While the first thought was, what do they think, or what do they have in mind about me; I simply pushed these thoughts away and walked in faith.

To all you tichel, headcover, hijab wearing women, what reaction, questions and comments were you dealing with, when you started to wear your headcover?
I know for some religious reasons, women who once decide to wear the headcover they have to stick to it and continue wearing it daily, for example jewish married women, cover their hair daily and constant; and Muslim women continue wearing hijab, niqab or burka when they choose and decide to wear it. While I recently met one old friend who changed from hijab wearing for over 14 years to non-hijab. I haven’t had the chance and time to meet her yet and to have a talk about the circumstances, her story about choosing to stop wearing hijab.

I guess you too have had or still have these situations where you get these looks or questions about your headcover. How do you handle these? Maybe you can share your way of starting to wear your headcover in a comment?

Be blessed!


So God will

Oh his eyes, when he looked at me for the first time, we both knew we were meant to be together. I was out the house to get some water, when I met him. He was kind and nice and I knew that my creator who knows everything and especially my little heart.
This man came to my father’s house and introduced himself, later they arranged our wedding and our happiness couldn’t be greater.

My love helped and worked for my family for 7 years and after this the wedding was planned. I wasn’t my families first daughter and my older sister wasn’t married yet, so my father decided something I was really sad about, at the day of my wedding, he told my sister to wear my wedding dress and beautiful scarf. My love couldn’t see whom he’d married, and after the first night he found out and was angry about this betrayal, he confronted my father and asked him to marry me still, even if he would have to work for my family another 7 years.

My father accepted, because while my husband was working for him he made a lot income, his belongings, his farm animals and money grew bigger because of my husbands work. Surely he wanted him to stay, and especially because he married both of his daughters and after my sister gave birth to his grandchildren he wanted to keep his whole family together.
But my husband decided to leave and start his own family and business far away from my father. He gave him enough of his farm animals and so we packed everything we owned and took our animals to start our journey to our own land.

My sister was blessed with many children, but with me, I stayed without children, while I knew that my husband loved me more – we had true love, but because he made a promise to keep my sister as his wife and to take care of her and their children he followed God’s rules and obeyed.
I felt heartbroken, because even I knew he loved me so much, still we couldn’t have our own children. I had this deeply wish to give birth to our son, a God given child of love. I prayed, every day of several years, while my sister continued giving birth.

Then finally God heard my prayer and released me by gifting me my first son – Joseph.

– Rahel, wife of Jacob –

Hello 2018 – day 2

It is day 2 of 2018 and well, what to say? I’m working well on minimizing social media and working on my baby blankets and reading plan and so much more.

I said I would finish 2 blankets by tomorrow, but well seems really busy and somehow a real challenge, because the yarn is too thin – but because of that, the blanket will be soooo cute!

Somehow it’s more difficult to plan and organize the daily schedule, but I’m really positive that by the time goes by, everything will be more and more organized.
I started a household- and cleaning schedule, to be more organized and it helped me a lot, to save up heaps of time to be with my family, to crochet and to even have some time for myself. Like reading my newest book and 40 days reading plan “the Purpose-driven Life” by Rick Warren.
I’m already 1 week on this plan/or challenge how I call it, and it’s really good in bringing in new perspectives on our purpose and reason of life. I like it and it is worth to buy!

While I was living in Australia, I already saw this book and was interested in reading it, while I haven’t bought back then, I did, when I moved back to Germany and found it in a nearby christian book store. I bought it 2 years ago, but told myself to start, when I finished my “women of the bible” book.. to prevent reading too many books at the same time.
I did it before, reading up to 2-3 different books at the same time, it’s not helpful, because I start to mix things up.
So while I stop reading multiple books I do crochet 2 blankets at a time…

So I started reading The Purpose-driven Life and I have to say, it is great! You read several pages per day, and then you have the time to work with it, with everything you’ve read and get it into your body, soul and mind. Get to understand fully what you’ve read and start to practice and put it into your life and daily routine or into your whole being.

When I saw this book back then, I haven’t had any intentions or thoughts reading it, it was just appealing. And now I understand why, it’s the right book for me.

I will continue reading my daily reading plan and will keep you updated, as well as I do on my instagram account spc178, where you’re welcome to follow and comment on my pictures.

Be blessed!

Welcome 2018..

What’s left behind from 2017, did you start and finish all your plans from 2016? Which one did you plan, start and finish, which did you regret or discontinue, which one are you planning to start all over or continue in 2018?

In 2017 I started writing the Blog after I was thinking and talking to God whether to do so or not. After some time I decided to give it a try, I read different opinions and tips online and stopped at Blogs by numbers and have to tell you, that this helped me a lot. While I haven’t used all the tips, just one or two I plan to change this in 2018 and focus on my niche – well I don’t know what it will be in the end, but I know my niche will be blessed!

In 2017 I went from iphone addict to BlackBerry user with minimal apps and it’s becoming less every day.
Talking about minimalism, this one I started too and still I am decluttering monthly step by step until I will be satisfied and my family will too.

The minimalism way of life got shortly interrupted, when I had some other thinking about my near future and the world’s future I planned differently, I collected plans and ideas for a nature based life in a van, being able to travel with the whole family and live wherever needed. Somehow like nomads. It is still a nice plan to own a van to go on trips every weekend, but I stopped being stressed and somehow furious about being alarmed to get ready for whatever may come.
This period of time was a hard lesson, I experienced strong anxiety and fear, while everything was and is fine. It took me some time and research and trust and faith in God to get back on track of the light and right way.
After some time everything was alright and I was focusing on the Lord, reading scripture, listening to the bible app and doing more and more research on some questions of my life and life situations.

In 2017 I had some other plans relating to languages, while it’s really difficult to continue learning languages while the daily schedule is so crowded. It doesn’t mean that I won’t continue and even start next year, because the feeling inside my heart is still there to learn hebrew, aramaic/arabic and maybe some russian (for personal use).
While I was walking outside the last few weeks I had some thoughts and talks to my heavently father about the wish to learn the new languages, and while the thought “it’s too late and you are too old and there is no time at all” I heard the clear voice that if the Lord placed this wish inside my heart I will obey, listen and start walking!
And I will find the right solution to start and keep learning the language in 2018.

In the second part of 2017 I started my meal plan, and finally changed some eating habits, like less meat, less milk products and more and more vegetables and fruits.
With this plan I lost 5kg in 4 weeks, and I’m still trying to eat clean and this works well for me and my family. And I’m so thankful that the Lord gave me my sister in Christ who shared the plan of clean eating.
I will continue this plan in January or February 2018, and so will my whole family.

After writing blogposts on my smartphone and ipad I really am ready for a normal keyboard on a laptop or computer, to help me writing faster and to keep me away from too many apps and distractions.

So 2018 will be something new and something blessed, I feel and know it. Different things will start and several will stay the same.
Somewhen this new year I will start my war binder, I just need some leather book to keep my inlays and thoughts together. Using my new daily calendar, I will try some bullet journaling as well.
And yes, I started to learn the beautiful lettering, first I saw it on instagram and pinterest and then I trained with my sister in Christ, with beautiful pens and I say the lettering time has begun.

With this I’m  wishing you a blessed start in your new Year with your family and beloved ones! I hope you’ll continue visiting my blogposts in 2018 😉

Being busy was 2017

What kept me busy? Reading the purpose-driven Life by Rick Warren I was pointed to the most obvious point in my life that I already knew, but think it was time and necessary to realize, as the stress level was overwhelming and not what I wanted anymore.

So while reading my chapter and being pointed at what exactly is stressing me out or distracting me from all my important life-things. It’s nothing special or unexpected, it is all the simple, small, let’s say expected things like watching too many TV shows, scrolling up and down on Instagram or Pinterest and let’s say the truth – wasting time and keeping me away from all important things and people in my life.
I knew that something wasn’t okay continuing life like this, doing the life schedule at daytime and then trying to relax with social media with being totally unsocial.

Why not saying goodbye to the main distractions and start something completely new!! (sure I did this Detox-Smartphone thing already, but this time it will be slightly different)

So what will this mean?
Besides the deleting or the distance I want to put in my behavior using Instagram, Pinterest, FaceBook and Co. I want to focus on when and how to use those media for the blog only, and no other useless stuff like scrolling without plan just checking out what’s new and maybe interesting and funny. This is the main problem, the unintentionally ways of distraction you can get into when you lose track of important things and God, it’s time to press the break and refresh your thinking and direction.

My new schedule is simple but as all things need to get used to its important to stay focused and willing to change it.

My first steps will be
• deleting unnecessary apps on the phone and iPad
• changing habits about postings on facebook
• planning to post weekly on the blog
• trying to use the phone for not important things at times like after 9pm

I will see, what will work and what will stay on schedule. As I already eliminate the unnecessary apps because I’m not using iphone any longer – I just use whatsapp, facebook and instagram on my BlackBerry Classic right now, while in about 2 days at least the original whatsapp will shut down. I downloaded the nemory studios version, and have to tell you, it works but not as I need and want. I’m not able to send pictures or voicemessage, so I decided to not care. I will decide tomorrow by chance whether I will install it again to use it, or delete it completely together with the original Whatsapp.
About FaceBook – well, I’m not using it daily or often, so I decided to delete it right now…
Guess I’m just leaving Instagram, while I’m unsure why, because I like the BlackBerry but the camera could be way better. So, this means, to enjoy more with my own eyes and less through the lens.

While I have so many plans for 2018, I focus on this one right now, as this one seems to be the basic and will lead to success for all the other plans.

I wish you 2 blessed last days in 2017 and hope you can stay and celebrate with your family and beloved ones!
Be blessed!

End of 2017

Dear readers,
While it’s running fast to the end of 2017 I’m still planning and organizing the left over days. What to crochet, what to write, what to do in general. So next thing will be grocery shopping because Sunday and Monday will be completely closed (except on Airport and Train station – but with a higher price for all essential things to buy).

While I was busy yesterday with the kids meeting friends at a child-playground (indoor) because it’s too rainy and windy, we stayed at this place for about 6 hours. The kids were happy and exhausted afterwards and showed so great caring and love for another. We’ve met a friend with 3 other kids age range 8-12 and this was a great big group and fun for all. The indoor playground was not too crowded but full with kids of all age and so this was a fun thing for us all. And me? I took my bag with yarn and my nearly finished baby blanket to keep crocheting even while I’m away. So I’m really busy lately, because the yarn is fine and thin and this means the blanket takes some more time to finish. At the end it should be a baby blanket receiving size of 36″ x 36″ (90 x 90cm) ready for my first sale.
So I try and set a final date to finish 2 baby receiving blankets by next Wednesday.

And by next week I will do my next order on new highly good yarn especially for baby blankets. Stay interested there will be more!

Headcover, Tichel, Hijab

Dear Friends, a couple of months ago I wrote you my experience in wearing a Tichel. I have the blogpost online to re-read it, and well it’s a personal and deep path I walked, because I started to feel the passion or the wanting to cover my hair some time ago. Not because man told me in history or because of marriage, I felt it, because of obedience to the Lord.
So I started to wear tichels, I watched many tutorial videos and started practicing in my bathroom for several hours at night, while the kids were sleeping. First it was a challenge to get the scarf save and not to slip while I walk or do the housework, or walk outside for bringing the kids to the childcare or playgrounds and shopping.

When I finally decided to wear and walk outside my home door it was something new, something strange for others and of course you could literally see the questionmarks on every ones head…
But only a few really asked, had the strength to ask and well, this helped me as well. Why did I decide to wear a head cover? To show obedience, not to the world or people, but to God…

When I moved in the middle of the year I changed and stopped wearing my Tichel daily. While after half a year I start feeling the missing and the strong task of obedience behavior to start wearing a headcover – and why shouldn’t and couldn’t I wear a hijab as a Christian? Well in Christ freedom we are allowed to wear whatever pleases the Lord. Still in this new area it is a challenge again, to cross the border, the people’s mind thinking and so on.

And again I start wrapping and testing at nicht, at home, while the children are sleeping and I try out different ways of wrapping and besides the Tichel I am more hijabi style lately.

Still i’m on my way walking close to Jesus, trying to be quite so I can listen and hear the Holy Spirit to know what I should do and where I will walk and be next.

Thank you for reading my story!
Be blessed!