Headcover, Tichel, Hijab

Dear Friends, a couple of months ago I wrote you my experience in wearing a Tichel. I have the blogpost online to re-read it, and well it’s a personal and deep path I walked, because I started to feel the passion or the wanting to cover my hair some time ago. Not because man told me in history or because of marriage, I felt it, because of obedience to the Lord.
So I started to wear tichels, I watched many tutorial videos and started practicing in my bathroom for several hours at night, while the kids were sleeping. First it was a challenge to get the scarf save and not to slip while I walk or do the housework, or walk outside for bringing the kids to the childcare or playgrounds and shopping.

When I finally decided to wear and walk outside my home door it was something new, something strange for others and of course you could literally see the questionmarks on every ones head…
But only a few really asked, had the strength to ask and well, this helped me as well. Why did I decide to wear a head cover? To show obedience, not to the world or people, but to God…

When I moved in the middle of the year I changed and stopped wearing my Tichel daily. While after half a year I start feeling the missing and the strong task of obedience behavior to start wearing a headcover – and why shouldn’t and couldn’t I wear a hijab as a Christian? Well in Christ freedom we are allowed to wear whatever pleases the Lord. Still in this new area it is a challenge again, to cross the border, the people’s mind thinking and so on.

And again I start wrapping and testing at nicht, at home, while the children are sleeping and I try out different ways of wrapping and besides the Tichel I am more hijabi style lately.

Still i’m on my way walking close to Jesus, trying to be quite so I can listen and hear the Holy Spirit to know what I should do and where I will walk and be next.

Thank you for reading my story!
Be blessed!


Getting started

Dear Friends!
So yesterday I started reading the Purpose-Driven Life, while I had this book on heart since I lived in Australia back in 2014, somehow I never bought it actually. Maybe I didn’t buy it back then in Australia, because I preferred to read it in German language, could be possible.

Today is the second day and I’m looking forward reading my second chapter.

The first day was about me, well not me for real, but as you read the book you will understand the meaning.
The book is a good one for any type of person, because the chapters are short and good to remember. And that’s the point, it’s not difficult and so is God.

So what is my goal for these 40 days? I’m planning 2018 and try to get so many things in right order and some more schedules so I can plan and use my time as well as possible – to have a good day and weekly routine.

Which Journal?

Aww, the last few months I was scrolling down Pinterest and Instagram for those real cute and interesting different kinds of journals.
Bullet Journal
Travellers notebook
War Binder

Honestly it was a course to check where the differences is, to finally find out which one I’m looking forward to be using 2018.

War binder by @hopedreamjournal.com

Right now I’m using a cute Calendar from “Lydia” which I personalized a bit.

First page by me
“Meine Zeit” Lydia

While I also have my Bible Studies and Blog Post one, I was thinking of combining them to something as a Bullet-Journal or War-Binder.

War binder from @hopedreamjournal.com
Bible and blogpost

I’m still unsure, as I got a wonderful new daily calendar from my sisters in Christ as a birthday present this August.

So, I’m still unsure what to do.

I really kinda like the war-binder solution, as I’m still using my daily calendar 2018 besides. And I will include the bullet ones in my calendar! Looking forward to use this! Will include some more in my war-binder and will make a special post about it later on.

I’m happy to share this new one with you!

Be blessed!

Jesus, you are welcome here!

Today is our Christmas Day, while everywhere around Christmas is celebrated on the 25th of December (I know, there are other countries with other dates, like 6th of December or even in January), in Germany its usually celebrated on the 24th.
Honestly, I’m not too focused on the day or date to say, this one is the exact day of birth of my savior Jesus Christ, but simply to remember his birth and his life, it is important for me to take the extra time in this season, to talk more to my Heavenly Father about his precious gift he gave me and about what Jesus actually took on his back for me.

This year was a little different, because we had a new rule, because there are so many children and people celebrating together crowded in one place, we agreed to just buy good, really wanted presents for the kids.
I wanted to reduce unnecessary toys or even electronic devices for my children to be gifted, so I asked every adult and we agreed to have one amount of money and well I topped up the extra Euro if necessary.
For one present it was, I bought a Piano for one of my kids. And really, I have to tell you, while the years before all of them had more than one present they were happy at first, but then after they unwrapped all of them they were simply overwhelmed to chose what makes them happy and then just dropped all of them.

This year was different, because actually this one special present for everyone was well thought of and I guess it was exactly what everyone wanted.
After they unwrapped their boxes their eyes became wider and the smiles nearly dropped out of their faces – so much excited because of one present. And although they were simple, not something too much, they played with it until they fell asleep.

Today this Christmas day I felt happy and thankful, because I listened to my heavenly father and did what he suggested to reduce the electronic devices like TV, iPad, Wii and Nintendo DS for all my kids. They have gifts like a music player with headphones or a piano to learn how to play music and for the little ones a car racing station. All in all really good choices and as I can see a long term investment, as my eldest is still listening to his music while drawing pictures and small letters.
I can tell you, seeing the love in those little pure eyes made my heart overflow by Love, I even had tears in my eyes because it became rare to see really satisfied and happy expressions on the children’s faces as they got used to such presents including iPad, or new games for Wii, Nintendo and so on.

Well I learned my lesson well, it doesn’t depend on the price or the brand, more on your children’s real interest! It’s time for us parents to get interested in knowing our children. Yes I know it’s simple to say “you can watch a movie or TV show; or even to let them play some games on any electronic devise” but to start thinking about what can be a productive and positive gift and more important, what do they really appreciate is a challenge.
I did it! 2017 was a great one for me then.
I hope you had a wonderful Christmas this year – sending you the Love of our heavenly father and his blessings!

Are you okay?

What a question? Well it isn’t always a bad question like meaning to point a finger at you. Well sometimes it is exactly this. I experienced this one a lot lately, or I think I do, because sometimes a look or an expression is talking for itself and this one is the point. How do you react after receiving this sort of expression?
I don’t know why, but against some sort of feeling to jump into someone’s face to surprise and interrupt someone’s aggressive behavior I do the opposite – I smile and I’m nice. I know it’s not always possible, for example a couple of years ago I entered a train and when the doors closed I realized that the whole train was full of Nazis or people who don’t like foreigners or simply all other people who are not like them.
Well for me as a half Asian – but for them fully Asian looking woman this was a weird situation. So many thoughts came to my mind, should I exit the next station or just hide somewhere in the back of the train, what to do? Well I asked Jesus to stay close to me and not to leave me and I was calm.
Then one of the man started talking loud to catch my attention, mumbling something about the Japanese.
Somehow I feel sorry about so much ignorance and stupidity, but why is it so extremely difficult for some people to see there’s more than Japan and China…
I stayed calm because what should I have done or said? Maybe “hey stupid, got some news for you, we have some more countries on the menu and maybe you should check your DNA, guess you’re not 100% German as well”
What is it with the fact or the imagination of someone being a pure German or whatever? This belongs to earth and we live here all together not separated. Sometimes I can’t image or figure out, why people create their own problems.
But then again I realize and know exactly why, it depends on someone’s inner strength to let the feeling of “I don’t want to share” grow and set its roots inside your heart or not. It is all a question of your will to listen to God rather than the devil, who tries to control your emotions and give you negative input. I’m happy I realized this one for myself, but this doesn’t change the thinking or behavior of the others.
So what to do? Honestly I can’t and well to this moment I won’t step outside and walk towards one of these Nazis to ask “are you okay?” well for sure they are not, but you know what? What I learned now? God loves us all and wants even those lost sheep to return back to him.
Maybe by standing there saying nothing, doing nothing visibly for them I actually did? I prayed and I know that the Holy Spirit is working with them on God’s timing.

I don’t think that situations or relationships are all by surprise, I know that we are responsible for our actions and ways we walk, but as you walk with Jesus he will give you the blessing from his father so that you can be a blessing for everyone else.
I know this one, because I see it in my private past. I walked some streets I shouldn’t have been, but while realizing I’ve gone to far on the wrong road I called my personal 911 (GOD) and asked for help to get me back on his delighted road and the promise and will to never leave and go too far from him again.
Still all the people I’ve met, where meant to be, and I know that this time is blessed and now in process with my heavenly father’s holy spirit!
I thank him for being with me everytime and even when I thought I can do this all by myself and left all my friends and family – he never did, he never left me, not even a centimeter. He stayed close to my heart to protect it and I’m thankful and grateful for him.

I don’t know in which situation you are right now, but one think I know for sure – God is never far from you, he is patiently waiting for you to invite him into your heart. He wants to heal and secure you, the only thing he wants you to do is ask…
Are you okay? My daily question to myself, and my everyday answer is
I need you Abba – heavenly father, I need you Yeshua my brother and I need you Ruach HaKodesh Holy Spirit lead me the right way to walk in Light and Truth as Jesus said I should.

Be blessed dear brothers and sisters!

Dog food

Another post about my dog and her food.

After I got my dog in, well let’s say bad condition, I started to change her food and daily schedule. First I just bought better food – this worked good already – but then I started to feed her raw meat so called BARF.

It started real good, I was positively surprised but now? Well what to say, I can’t stand the smell.
Can I ask those ones who do BARF – how they do it?
I already feed my dog outside, but still I smell the meat everywhere! And it’s really annoying, is it different for those who eat meat themself? I mean, I’m not fully 100% vegan but still I try to eat less meat…

Back to the BARF method, I just bought 10kg of new meat, it’s good one and I already put it in 1kg bags for my dog to lose weight (she still needs to lose 4kg).
While I walked the last round today I put the next 2 day portions for my dog, ready to feed her tomorrow (out of the freezer) and still I got the smell on my fingers.

I don’t know what will come next? Should I continue feeding her raw food? Or go back to good healthy pellets?
What do you think and suggest?

How do you schedule your day?

It’s been a week now since I tried this new Routine with my sister in Christ and I have to really thank her for sharing her talk and thoughts God gave her with me.
Those were simple, but so much energy spending and simply relieving me as a mother with all the schedules and duties.

It’s simple but you need to stick to the plan for these days.
Well I did and yes it is working for me, as long as I stick to it. Sometimes it works, sometimes it could work better.
I try to wake up at 6:30 latest 7am and start my day thanking my creator for giving me all and waking me up today, thanking Jesus for being by my side walking with me wherever I walk and thanking the Holy Spirit to guide me again and offer him myself to use me this day.

It is easier to start then, you are not starting alone. And this helps me to begin my day, to start it as a woman, a mother, a friend.
Then I do all my duties and after lunch I have my 30 min. Restart time to just relax and refresh myself. This includes my power nap and listening to Hillsong.

I can only tell everyone and especially every woman and mother to somehow try this power napping method – it really works and helps me to refresh myself. I enjoy listening to Hillsong, it helps me to relax and my soul is helping my body to refresh and start all over again not working non-stop.

And honestly I think doing so will help me reach all my goals in 2018!

I wish you all a happy and merry Christmas time with your family and friends. Shalom