crocheting projects

Oh how I love all the new projects I see on Pinterest – the only problem I have is, that I shouldn’t take any looks on social media while I’m working on a project already.
It’s like right now, I’m crocheting one hat for myself and am also starting to knit a new baby blanket. While doing these I already built up wishes and images of another even bigger blanket in knitting version. Usually I prefer crocheting, but I just started to knit this one and I like it!
I also like to sew some small and big projects for the kids and for our dog and am still learning new skills.

Right now I’m knitting a simple baby blanket with blocks and different colours. I knit the blocks first and later I will sew them together to finish this beautiful project. There are several stitches I learned and love and as mentioned before I always think about new projects while working on my current ones. I need to finish this baby blanket now, because 2 cousins gave birth to 3 babies this year and I finished 2 blankets already (boy and girl) and still need a girl blanket for the 3rd baby.
After this I already made this new project in my mind, a big blanket, I’m not sure about the colours, the size, the pattern, but I have a hint of it, the colours will be nature tone (orange, brown, etc.) and I’m thinking about the moroccan stitch, or an CAL (crochet along).

To all of you crocheters/knitters with small kids, do you also experience this phenomenon that as soon as you pick up your hook or needles your kids cling to you like a bubblegum?
I love my kids, and I love to spent time with them and be around them, listen to their stories their days – but it’s really interesting, that every time I pick up my hook at least one is trying to sit on my lap to interrupt my work – with no bad intention of course.

And with my knitting skills, well lets say I’m a beginner and really try to take care to perfectly count and not lose a line.
How can I say, I really love all the yarn projects I did so far and am looking forward to all the projects to come.
It’s funny, because back in 2017 I thought and started to plan this blog and use some other social platforms to start selling my selfmade baby blankets.
I don’t know if this road is my path or not, if this blog is my path or not. I don’t know if I already found the perfect niche and so on.

Will see in the near future I guess 😉 until then I’ll share my thoughts with you. Be richly blessed!

End of 2017

Dear readers,
While it’s running fast to the end of 2017 I’m still planning and organizing the left over days. What to crochet, what to write, what to do in general. So next thing will be grocery shopping because Sunday and Monday will be completely closed (except on Airport and Train station – but with a higher price for all essential things to buy).

While I was busy yesterday with the kids meeting friends at a child-playground (indoor) because it’s too rainy and windy, we stayed at this place for about 6 hours. The kids were happy and exhausted afterwards and showed so great caring and love for another. We’ve met a friend with 3 other kids age range 8-12 and this was a great big group and fun for all. The indoor playground was not too crowded but full with kids of all age and so this was a fun thing for us all. And me? I took my bag with yarn and my nearly finished baby blanket to keep crocheting even while I’m away. So I’m really busy lately, because the yarn is fine and thin and this means the blanket takes some more time to finish. At the end it should be a baby blanket receiving size of 36″ x 36″ (90 x 90cm) ready for my first sale.
So I try and set a final date to finish 2 baby receiving blankets by next Wednesday.

And by next week I will do my next order on new highly good yarn especially for baby blankets. Stay interested there will be more!

Winter mood

The wintertime is coming fast, people start complaining, as always. But in general it is beautiful – if you leave out the wet days, with too much rain and less beautiful days. I love the days where it is cold, icy and not too windy but you can breathe in the cold air, it’s like the air is frozen and it’s smelling different than warm air.
The heaters are running and the air inside your home starts to get dry.
I decided to add some beautiful plants into my home to create a nice picture as well as adding some fresh air for good sleep.

And sleep is what I really need these days. Things are summing up real quickly and my body and my mind need time to recover, charging some essential energy for everything. Days are becoming shorter and problems still occur like this phone call the other day – talking about a bill. Well sure it’s always the bill or a fake winning call yelling “congratulation – you won!” erm, well I haven’t done anything to win, like “nope, can’t be because I haven’t sign in or played! So thank you for wasting my time!!” especially these aggressive ones, calling and being like a dog, not letting go of its victim… spam.

So back to refreshing, recharging and especially sleep. It’s like sometimes I feel like a mommey bear, as soon as it gets dark in winter I want to crawl inside my bed and just stay there and sleep.

On the other hand, I love winter nature. Walking outside on the field or in different forest to inhale air, fresh God given air, to support my body, my blood, my mind – everything.
Using this time to escape from daily routine and daily tasks to just be.

Be blessed!

Baby Blankets (crochet)

Some years ago I started my new hobby crocheting. I first started to knit, but well found out real quick, that it’s not my thing. I turned to crocheting, especially because I like to create blankets. When I was in my teenage years I loved those beautiful big, cozy blankets they show you on american tv shows and movies, the quilts – I know, quiltting is something completely different, but with crocheting it is something special for me. In times, when I’m stressed out or feeling unwell it gives me peace. While I’m crocheting I talk to God, or to Jesus, asking him for guidance and comfort. I talk to the Holy Spirit to lift up my spirit in times when I feel down.

While I started back in 2012 to crochet the first Baby (or Toddler) Blanket for my son, I became more professional and it’s easier for me to finish blanket projects. I still need some weeks for the baby blanket, but that’s because I put too much in my daily and weekly schedule.

How did I start to crochet? Did I book a class or some studies somewhere?
Well, because in 2013 I was traveling a lot and not liquid to pay for an expensive course to learn how to crochet, I did what I recommend everyone in the first place – I visited some YouTube Channels and found many tutorials on how to start crocheting.
As you can start all over again with YouTube, it’s the perfect helper for you to start crocheting. While my son was still little I was watching these YouTube instructions on how to crochet with my headphones and it worked well. I even brought my yarn and crochet hook to my college course, so I could practise and work on my cute little baby/toddler blanket everywhere I went.

After I decided to start with a #Ripple #Blanket I found out that it’s really beautiful, but also a challenge. I finished my first blanket after 1 year I worked on it. Then I continued to make it a bit larger, as my son was growing too.
– This is something I really like about crocheting (!) I can always add borders and enlarge the blanket project as needed.

I also tried working on things to wear, like socks, shoes or hats, clothes… but honestly, that’s not really my favorite.. I’m more the blanket-crocheting-person.
Especially it’s working fine with all my series I’m watching, so I can continue crocheting while I watch my favorite tv series on screen. Currently it’s #GreenArrow and #TheFlash – I love them!
Well one day I will start crocheting a #quilt-like-blanket, as it’s still my favorite.. Or I will start quiltting

Right now I’m on another baby blanket project, the little baby girl will arrive in the early months next year. The mother doesn’t want too much of pink, but well I couldn’t help myself I put a mix of some nice colours. For this blanket I’m using #drops<3you7 its a classic 8/4 cotton I bought at lanade. Using a 4mm hook (E) I’m recently doing a #moss #stitch that I found on #pinterest . It’s still a long way to go, but I’m good with my time schedule on this blanket.

Below I will show you the blankets I’ve already finished so far. Feel free to ask some questions or leave comments below. I will start to add some tutorials soon!

New Blanket Project

It is a beautiful thursday, the weather is well, not as good as could be, but hey it is a gift from God, and it is not raining! I was using time outside with the kids and the dog, walking and stopping at several playgrounds. Yesterday I started a new baby blanket project, I found a beautiful and easy pattern on Pinterest called Baby Afghan Crochet.
I still had some leftovers back from last years order, when I purchased a whole box from one of my favorite yarn online store Lanade when they still had the yarn DROPS #5.
So now I started this cute baby afghan for? Well who knows, there is one friend expecting not long to go, maybe her? Or I will simply keep it, like always (I love blankets), maybe I will start to sell them and open a small baby blanket/afghan online shop – just for fun.


You are welcome to leave some comments or request if you’d like.
Be blessed dear brothers and sisters!