Cold season

Finally it is becoming the cold season, it is cold outtside and windy and rainy from time to time. For me and the kids it is a beautiful time, spending outside if we want to, enjoying the fresh and clear air, walking and watching the nature change and just thanking God for everything we have.

Yesterday night I was thinking about one homeless man, whom I saw the other day. I was thinking about his condition, his life situation and about what I can do for him during this cold season.

I looked up at the internet about what they might need.

Money? Food? Clothes? Blankets? A tent?

So I thought about a sleeping back and took it to him today. I asked him about his needs, what he would like to have, e.g. food or more blankets/clothes.

His answer was first:

“Is this sleeping back new?”

Honestly, I was a bit surprised, but tried not to show it, I told him that’s brand new, even all the signs on it. Somehow I felt, he might not want it.

When I asked about food if I should buy him breakfast or some fruits, he simply said, he just wants and needs money.

Then he said something that made me think

“I need money, a lot. If possible 1-2 Mio €”

Sure could be jokingly, but then I also thought about his thinking. There are some homeless by bad circumstances, some because of addiction and some by choice. Some doesn’t want to live under the German system of tax and regulations. Somehow it seems that this homeless today is the one living outside by choice.

Thinking about homeless and all this topic it is difficult to decide whether I should help more or less. I don’t want them to thank me or something else, while I was thinking about how to help (besides money) I really thought I might help a little. The scene today instead showed me that it is best to ask, what they need, to donate after that.

My motivation was to help the homeless in this time, as it is turning really cold outside and they keep staying outside the whole time. Honestly I don’t want to just give money, as for most of them (as they say themselves) they need money to buy drugs and alcohol. I don’t want to be part or a helper for providing drugs or alcohol – when I want to help with what they really need like food or clothes or sleeping utensils.

Guess it’s a difficult topic, while it can be so easy.

Wishing you a blessed week and a peaceful time with Jesus Christ. Shalom

Back to the past

Since last weekend I started to delete the electronics from the kids.
And although it’s really a tough challenge – for all of us, it’s necessary!

So what do I mean with “back to the past” here?
Less or no electronic if possible and more toys and ideas from the past.

And it works! It’s a fight every day, especially with my eldest – because he used to have a lot of electronic time and now it’s reduced to only once a week 120min movie time. Until now it’s working. Every day it’s becoming easier, less conversation and more freedom!

At night we have our special time, reading a book or/and a night time story played via youtube or next thing will be a “Tonie” this is a music box especially made for kids.

I can tell you, when my son was little I told myself that I won’t let him watch TV, or any electronics ever… but I failed at the time I went overseas and was overwhelmed with studies and work at the same time. Some may call it digital babysitter, yes suresometimes ashore 30min show an half as long as you take care what they are watching, but in my case it simply went wrong and I have to support him now, because this is my responsibility as his mother.

Finally I face my responsibility and my duty to do, whatever is necessary and right – always in company with my heavenly father, my brother Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Without them, it would be not possible to walk this path.

Thank you for reading my story!
Be blessed!