Being busy lately

2019 started well and fast, January already passed and February is nearly half way through too. It’s been several weeks since I last updated a post here.

While I just closed my Twitter account today – honestly it was simply too much of social media lately, I think I can continue writing down everything that’s going on here.

Several months now I’m sharing posts on my Instagram account, about my brother in Christ from Gambia. I started a Go Fund Me campaign and still try to raise an amount of money for him to start and complete an educational course so that he will be able to provide and care for his Family. While he is the oldest of his family, his parents died several years ago, his Grandmother is still alive and tries to take care of his younger siblings, he tried to work illegally to earn money. Because this is not an option anymore, we try to collect some money to help him out doing his 2 month course, so he can start working legally with a certificate to survive.

I started a February Challenge which says “$1 for Alieu” – why $1? I posted this on my Instagram, because I thought that with my ~1.800 Followers even $1 would be more than enough. (If everyone would donate 50 cent it would be more than enough) trying to say, that I don’t ask you to give $20 or $10, I just ask for $1 or if you can’t $0.50

Trying to collect as much as possible in February so that Alieu from Gambia can start his course in March this year and finish it at the end of April to be ready for legal work in May! This is our wish, our plan and we hope that it will work with your help!

We thank you very much and send you the Lord’s blessing! Shalom


What is going on right now with my writing and my blog?

Currently I’m constantly thinking about my blog post content and what will be a useful niché for me to write about and you to read. My first impulse was to write about my life with God – as it’s stated on my description of my blog. Something more about my journey wearing a headcover as a Christian in a Christian country and in a community where no one else (woman) is wearing a headcover like I do. When did I start wearing my headcover, where did I got my first kit of scarves, where did I collect my informations and so on.

I’m reading all these blogpost where they try to teach you how to earn some extra passive income while running a blog. This wasn’t my first intention when I started my blog last year, but with time it surely got interesting if it’s really, surely possible. So this will be a journey now I’m starting this year August 2018 to see if it is possible and works. I am still searching for a good niché and I know that with Gods guidance and his power, he will show what to do and choose.

You can be sure that it will be about the Lord, Jesus, Ruach HaKodesh and/or the Christian headcovering, modest clothing and reading material.

Be curious – same as I am.

Bible reading plan

Have you ever struggled to start and keep reading your bible?I experienced people around me asking me on how to start reading and staying in the Word of God. Even me I once stood at the point asking myself on how to start reading the Bible. Sure you can start right at the beginning and read until you finish. I did but felt a long gap after I started and worked myself through the whole family tree and history until I finally reached the New Testament and Jesus story.So today I do recommend everyone new on reading the Bible to try out the bible app and then use the beautiful way of its bible reading plans. They have so many of them, some specific for any situation or life circumstances so you can simply scroll them and find yours or you can search for one, and the best, there is a 365 days reading plan for the complete bible. It contains 4 chapters a day, usually 2 from the Old Testament and then one of Psalms and the New Testament. And what I really like about this bible app, you have different translations and you can even listen to them as some translations have the “listen to it” function. I already recommended it to many people, my family, aunties and friends. It is a good way and good first step in getting to a daily relationship with God, while listening of reading in your bible! I bless you and wish you a blessed quiet time with your creator!

Back to the past

Since last weekend I started to delete the electronics from the kids.
And although it’s really a tough challenge – for all of us, it’s necessary!

So what do I mean with “back to the past” here?
Less or no electronic if possible and more toys and ideas from the past.

And it works! It’s a fight every day, especially with my eldest – because he used to have a lot of electronic time and now it’s reduced to only once a week 120min movie time. Until now it’s working. Every day it’s becoming easier, less conversation and more freedom!

At night we have our special time, reading a book or/and a night time story played via youtube or next thing will be a “Tonie” this is a music box especially made for kids.

I can tell you, when my son was little I told myself that I won’t let him watch TV, or any electronics ever… but I failed at the time I went overseas and was overwhelmed with studies and work at the same time. Some may call it digital babysitter, yes suresometimes ashore 30min show an half as long as you take care what they are watching, but in my case it simply went wrong and I have to support him now, because this is my responsibility as his mother.

Finally I face my responsibility and my duty to do, whatever is necessary and right – always in company with my heavenly father, my brother Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Without them, it would be not possible to walk this path.

Thank you for reading my story!
Be blessed!